What’s up, Ron?

It’s been a while since my last posting, and I must say, the absence allows me to focus and complete other higher priority tasks that I delayed for a while.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONWith over a thousand articles published since Day 1 in 2010, there are plenty of case study articles that you can read and learn from. That’s a decade worth of insightful articles, and I’m glad, in one way or another, directly or indirectly, I’ve seen external trainers conducting other numerology methods adapting many of my techniques into their teachings. Still, I noticed, the quality and understanding of the newfound techniques they’ve acquired or adapted, are still debatable. Sad, indeed. That’s why, although I’ve paused my in-person teachings for a few years, there are many people who’d attended trainings from these external trainers, but yet checking with me on my training schedule. Thank you to everyone who asked…

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingThe Agility in Profiling webinar held last month in August was once again informative and productive. Participants learned how to identify the smart genes (street-smart and book-smart) and how it could influence a person in varying ways, especially if such smart genes are located in different locations on the charts. Even then, participants learned they can enhance such smart genes vibes in any year, especially when it’s present in their Personal Year (PY) Charts. Oh, the smart genes are not only to check on the kid’s academic capacities, but also for adults, on opportunities and challenges for career growth, business, personal life, and adult-learning projects.

I also shared with participants what “practise what you preached” is all about. The smart genes present in my charts have been highly manifested in recent years, and this has allowed me to maximise positive energies. I have taken numerous professional certification courses to improve myself, to upgrade, upskill, reskill and keep myself relevant in current digital and business transformation economy, because age is not an obstacle to continuous learning. The journey of “learn, unlearn, relearn” has been a rewarding one for me, personally as it also boosted my confidence and competence in many ways.

I’m currently conducting a customised online course to a special group of BAZI users (professional and enthusiast) who wanted to learn and apply NIPL Oracle with confidence. Overall, sessions are held on different days to enable participants to understand and apply progressively. As it’s online, participants are from various countries, including Philippines, China, Netherlands, Singapore, and others. The response has been positive and I look forward to offering more special classes as required. 

If you have been to the EON Oracle course page (click here), the course will cover Module 1 and some of Module 2, as well as some basic EON theories. In short, it’s a self-contained course for those who’ve bought my NIPL Oracle Deck previously, or planning to buy; and those wanting to learn how to perform an NIPL Oracle reading without prior knowledge. As the presentation slides and specially developed interactive “presentation kit” application software (see sample screenshot above) have already been developed by me, I can start another session of the special “EON ORACLE” course anytime. Email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com if you’re keen…

Back to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and my Five Elements Numerology (FEN) techniques, there will be opportunity for many of you to learn the basics and advanced techniques from me. With COVID-19 pandemic fast becoming endemic, I’m prioritising my project backlog list to include conducting online EON/FEN classes since I could save on logistic and operational cost, like renting classrooms, projector, travelling, etc.

In the meantime, continue to email me your questions…

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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