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Over the past decade, I’ve attended many certified Chinese Metaphysics courses in Feng Shui (FS), Flying Stars, XKDG, QMDJ, Bazi, YiJing, and others. These learning experiences set the foundations for me when I researched further into numerology. It directly influenced my confidence and build the knowledge to formulate my own Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and then to invest my savings and self-published my EON bookElements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

Prior to introducing my EON book, I developed various Chinese Metaphysics software tools. It inculcated the curiosity mindset in problem-solving approaches, and subconsciously led me to create the habit of identifying patterns that could shorten development time and improve my analytical skill sets. Possibly, that could be one reason why my analysis and training are different from the knowledge shared by other trainers formulating the PON, UCMHP, and LifeQuest methods of profiling.

I’m still applying FS cures regularly since mid-90s, including using crystals. I also applied annual salt-water cures since I’ve learned to apply them around 2004. I remembered placing crystals at strategic locations to harmonise the energies at home, and in the rooms. I began with the “Star of David” pattern (the word “crystal grid” was relatively unknown then) as part of my regular and personal FS “cures.” My family enjoyed the results of a harmonised energetic environment. I was inspired me to kick-start and completed many game software projects. I used QMDJ techniques to activate and optimise the energies on certain days – my games were sold at WalMart outlets in the USA. I created my own luck, with some aid from the FS cures and crystals; and I grabbed the opportunities whenever possible.

Last year, I rekindled my interest in crystals and crystal grids. To minimise confusion, I used the word “crystal” loosely here to represent crystals, minerals, and gemstones. The “Star of David” pattern that I’ve been using (with regular cleansing, recharging with an intent message) is one of the many crystal grids used by many people to amplify or manifest crystal energies. The type of energies depends on the types of crystal being placed in the grid. Each crystal has its individual unique energies, and to those who used or performed crystal healing and crystal therapy,  each crystal has its particular healing properties, and its effect could be felt varying – within a few days, or up to over a few months. In a crystal grid, when each crystal is placed at strategic locations inside a special geometrical pattern-like grid, the energies are said to be in-tuned, amplified, and manifested strongly, due to its interconnected and alignment flow of the energies. That seemed logical, as an interconnected mesh of crystals could emit energies stronger than one single crystal.

The ideas of using crystals – in relation with a person’s EON charts – as a remedy tool to enhance or harmonise the energies, came about. To me, the price of using crystals far outweighs the use of symbolic LifeCode ornaments (promoted by external trainers as a remedy) – you’re not stuck with one set of permanent number code, which can affect your health badly due to the varying energies identified through the periodic charts (like the Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day Charts). As we are influenced by different sets of changing Universal and Personal Numbers – the periodic energy influences coming from the Year, Month, And Day – using a fixed LifeCode used as a lifelong cure, is not practical and ineffective.

Furthermore, like in any FS cure, you need to cleanse and recharge the symbolic cure regularly, and placing it at different locations. Though it sounded weird and funny at times, I actually advised some FEN students to keep their LifeCode plaques (those who bought it) in the drawer and don’t display them, should they continue to be affected by the unwanted energies during a lengthy period. For instance, a person with a few FIRE elements in his EON chart, does not need more fire-related energies when the Personal Year (PY) Root number is 3 and 8, or has them elsewhere in the PY chart. However, when the LifeCode (containing numbers like 3, 8, 4, or 9) is being activated, you’re creating more fires than you can handle – you’ll get “burn-out and hotly affected” eventually. That’s not what you want to do.

Unfortunately, most of these trainers promoting LifeCode ornaments have forgotten or conveniently ignored the potential impact that could affect you later when incoming energy influences are not desired. Perhaps they have good intentions to help you, but using the LifeCode as a permanent remedial tool, is costly and short-lived, besides being detrimental to your health when applied inappropriately.

Crystals that are used for healing and meditation, for crystal therapy, or in crystal grids, are relatively inexpensive. You can buy crystal tumbles or crystal spheres in smaller-size ones for a few dollars – it is just as efficient as the more expensive, polished ones. And best of all, you can use different crystals, depending on your intent – be they to enhance success in business, career and academic opportunities, abundance of wealth and prosperities, rewarding financial investments, and for good health. Oh, one point to take note – from the health aspect – you still need to consult your doctor when you are ill, and take your regular medicine. Using crystals as a healing aid does not substitute or replace the medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Sceptics might say using crystals, or for that matter, any FS symbolic cures, are useless as they re just giving you the placebo effects. Sceptics are also stating there isn’t any need to profile a person using Numerology, Bazi, DISC, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, psychometric, and other profiling systems, since we are all unique individuals, and should not be constrained and characterised based on a set of MCQ (Multiple-Choice Questionaires), charts and tables; or our personalities being stereo-typed into various behavioural and personality groups based on patterns. Sceptics are saying the “law of attraction” and other mind-shifting techniques, are nothing but just creating mind-shift influences on us. If you’re one of these sceptics, I request you to read with an open, holistic mind. Let’s put it this way… if believing in a method that creates positive placebo feeling and getting good results, isn’t it just as good and better than disbelieving and having negative thoughts, and yet doing nothing about it?

Why do FS cures include crystals, and why do we use distinctive crystals for different chakras? And why are the primary colours of the crystal so aligned to the Chinese Five Elements principles and our body organs? If you understand the Five Elements principles, you’d be able to correlate the colours of each crystal, and its healing properties, with the elements and its associated numbers in your EON Chart.

When I explored and researched on the crystals and gemstones, I realised many similarities in what I’ve observed so far – from Feng Shui to the Five Elements theory, and subsequently, its connection with the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as part of an energy manifestation aid. Consider the case of a very common crystal – rose quartz. Many FS professionals have been promoting rose quartz crystals in all sorts of shapes and patterns, like rose quartz Mandarin ducks, as an FS enhancement cure for relationships. The recommended sector to put this symbolic crystal object in the South West sector of the room, or house. And for crystal healers and professionals, rose quartz has been known, for many years, to be associated with relationship as well. As a matter of fact, crystal uses and FS cures are intertwined and connected, and its role as a symbolic energy harmonising tool, is both practical and logical. Another example is the use of citrine crystals which is linked to wealth and prosperity.

Thus, the question is, how do you use crystals or gemstones to reduce the negative influences or enhance the positive signs that you’ve identified from the Personal Year Chart, or over a short period of time?

Let’s recall my earlier article on Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin – their relationship, his mental depression, and her emotional frustrations. We need to identify and isolate key contributing factors. One area is the deficiency of trust and communicationsusing crystals or gemstones like blue calcite, blue lace agate, or even lapis lazuli; and/or placing them in special crystal grids, might create a better communication links between them. And from FS perspective, placing such crystals in the North sector of their room or house, would be ideal. Next example is the multi-part articles of one-sided love relationship Jane had with John – she could use rose quartz crystals and placed it in the South West sector of her room, to enhance her relationship energies and opportunities.

Applying the right crystals or amplifying its energies using crystal grids, is useless when you don’t take proactive actions and think positively. Eventually, whether using crystals can work for you or not, depends on your willingness to manage a majority of the work, to reach your goal. It’s all about the ability to energise the beneficial vibes through the regular practice of mindfulness, heartfulness, and positiveness. However, when you sit down and do nothing, and yet, expect miracles to happen automatically, you can continue to dream on.

If you’ve been using crystals for healing or meditation, or enjoyed better lifestyle with crystal grids, do share your experience with me. Ideally, include your birthdate too, as it could come handy for me to identify the energy vibes that you need to control or expand.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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