Relentless 1-8-9 Pursuits – Part 2

Of late, I have noticed there were many incidents of the 1-8-9 (or 8-1-9) number combinations appearing on birth charts from users and friends, after I posted the article “Relentless 1-8-9 Pursuits – Part 1.”

In the basic Elements of Numbers (EON) theory, the 1-8-9 means [Alone – Stress – Success]. The person could be feeling stressful often before they could finally gain the success. The persevering and relentless pursuit may be more obvious for people who have the 1-8-9 in their birth chart. If it appears in the Personal Year chart, then it could imply the person may have the persevering energies during that year.

The number 8 is like the shape of an infinity – it’s constantly moving around endlessly (cannot sit still) and shoulder huge responsibility. The mindset to be a perfectionist is high, and could cause undue stress to themselves and others. They may hurt others unintentionally with their actions. They always wanted to make sure the tasks are done the right and perfect way – these could lead to strain relationships with others.

After all the persevering pursuits, success will come to them eventually. They may reach a greater success, achieve the goals they want, and get the satisfaction and benefits. For some people, gaining such success comes at a price – their health.

In the Five Elements theory, the 1-8-9 is [1 – Metal, 8 – Fire, 9 – Wood]. The strong Fire is controlling the Metal. There could be a possibility of heart (or cardiovascular) and lungs (respiratory or immune) problems if these people do not take care of their health properly. Occasionally, the temperamental and fiery passion may invoke mental and emotional stress.

Now, let’s get into the visualisation mode and see how we can identify traits associated to the 1-8-9 number combinations.

Just imagine a

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If you have the 1-8-9 (or 8-1-9) in your birth chart or Personal Year chart, always try to strike a balance between your work and health. Perseverance leads to success. But when perfection comes at a price which afterwards leads to poor health or failed relationship, do you think it is worth the time and effort to be so perfect?

Nothing is perfect, even for an innovative product like the Apple iPhone.  If success is what you must have, then get others to do the work. Forego the perfectionist and zero-tolerance in you – delegating the task to people who are more skillful and effective would be a better choice. If you are the boss, it may not be your workers failing in their duties. The problem could be in you – you want everything to be perfect, the way you imagine it in the perfect dream world. You have to learn to let go of the perfect mindset.

Relax when you have a 1-8-9 (or 8-1-9) in your chart. Take up stress management, meditation and other relaxing activities. Although the responsibilities and goal-achieving KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are there, there is always many ways to achieve the success you want, with slight effect on your health.

Wake up to the real world and be more practical and sensible in your goal settings. Remember… it’s the many little failures you have met previously that brings one great moment of success.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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