When Temptation$ Rule Eric Illsley’s Mind

In my previous article “2011: Disclosures of Fraudulent Claims”, I mentioned former UK MP Eric Illsley was convicted of making bogus expense claims. You can also check this separate article for more information on his court case.

Let us look at Eric Illsley’s birth chart and Personal Year charts and find out what we can discover, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The number 6 is also about money. When there are too many sets of number 6 present in a chart, there may be a tendency of “money controlling the mind.”

When a person is being “controlled” by money thoughts, they may become thrifty or stingy and often, think about endless bills to pay and so on, even though they can afford to pay them easily.

“Money is Not Enough” for them. And when money is not enough for anyone, the positive side is to work harder to earn more money… legally. The negative side is to think of ways to get easy money quickly. Some people resorted to stealing or becoming moneylenders (legal and illegal). And for some others, siphoning money (money laundering) or making false expenses claim could be an easier method without being noticed. Well… not for long, anyway.

The number 4 is about planning. Too many sets of number 4 could also lead to temptations of becoming a schemer. Refer to my article “The Planner, The Schemer, and the Suicider” for more details.

In Illsely’s case, two sets of number 6 was present in his PY2005 chart. With the close proximity of the number 6 in his birth chart, the urge to make easy money was too tempting. He could not resist the temptation$. Unfortunately, he decided to use the dark side of his thoughts. If you plot his Personal Year charts for 2005-2008, you would notice the money and scheming thoughts are high. In his PY2008 chart, two sets of number 6 appeared as well.

Illsley was charged in court for false accounting on 19 May 2010. Now, try plotting his PY2010 chart out. Are you able to identify the numbers 5, 7 and 3 in close proximity? Refer to this tag link for more articles on 5-7-3 or 7-5-3.

Will the jail sentence be the end of the problem? No one knows for sure.

Illsley has to take urgent steps to close up any communication gap and trust with his spouse as the double 8-4-3 number vibrations are present in his current PY2011 chart.  He should not let emotions and tempers flare unnecessary as these may strain the relationship with his wife or family members.

What’s done cannot be undone. Illsley has learned and paid for his mistake. For him, learning to move on would be the best way, even though it may be hard to do so. No matter how hard and stressful it can be, as long as he takes conscientious effort to do it right, the success may come in his later years as indicated by the 8-1-9 number combination in his natal Birth chart.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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