So you don’t believe in Numerology…

Like some others, you may have tried learning Numerology and then found it not as accurate as you thought it should be.

Technically, all metaphysics methods are accurate, within its limited boundary. You have to first understand the objective of the specific metaphysics system. If it provides a general outlook for the masses, then you cannot assume the predictions or events forecast will happen to you, every time. That is a wrong assumption. How can a general forecast be accurate for everyone, every time? If you need a more detailed forecast, then you need to look beyond and search for alternative metaphysic systems that provide a more detailed analysis, one that you can narrow down the possibilities further.

“Millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do.” – J.P. Morgan

You should treat every metaphysics system as a guideline, or a reference book. It is like a road map. It provides you with the statistical information based on a preset data. You have to digest the information and do your own analysis. You have the free will, and you make your choice. If the weather forecast states there would be a thunderstorm with heavy showers, do you still want to go out and play golf? Even if you go out, it may not rain as the weather forecast is too general. Elsewhere may rain heavily, but not in your area. Even if you still insist on playing golf, you can always enjoy indoor golf or play alternative leisure sports for a change, even if the outside is raining heavily.

You have a life. You got to take charge of your own life. The road map shows the wonderful places and danger zones. You decide which path you want to take. The metaphysics system can only provide statistical information, while you can adjust your actions to live the life you want.

If the numerology says that you will be rich by last year and you are not, do you say the numerology is inaccurate? If you find many of the positive events not happening to you; or many of the negative events did not happened, do you assume the specific numerology is lousy?

If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it will not work for others. Many people blame the system for its error, and not on themselves. If the numerology system states that you will be rich by last year, did you do anything to make it happen? Did you? You cannot simply sit down, fold your arms, and wait. You got to stand up, take action, and make it work.

So, the negative events do not happen. Isn’t that great?

“The numerology is bad. It doesn’t work. I don’t believe in it,” so you said.

The bad event don’t happen because you did something right previously. The event, whether it’s positive of negative, don’t happen overnight. It is a cumulative result of the many smaller actions you took previously that influence the result.

Take the case of stocks, shares, and the investment markets. Everything is predictable and unpredictable. Even investment experts can be wrong. External causes do influence the market forces, not pure statistical and trend data. Because you know what to do, you maximise your investment when you know the market is up; and minimise your risk when the market is down. When the stock market crash, there are still people making money despite the bad situation. They are smiling when most cried when the stock market crashed. Why?

These people know when to go in, and when to get out. They know when to take risk, and when to take flight. They know because they have their own road map, and they take charge to decide the life they want to enjoy.

The same principle applies to numerology and other metaphysics too.

“All anyone can see in a birthchart are tendencies that will become facts if he does not do something to alter them.” – Isabel Hickey

By now, you’d have heard about “The Law of Attraction” and the book “The Secret” by Ms. Rhonda Byrne. There is nothing secretive about The Secret. Everything is about the manifestation of positive energies to influence the thoughts in your mind. If you think positively, you will attract positive energies, and receive positive results. If you think negatively, you will attract the negative energies, and negative results. It’s all common sense. It’s all about rebranding, using a different philosophy.

So, when you think and act positively, you reduced the negative energies. A potential health issues may not happen as you took preventive steps to lessen the impact. Even if it does, it may not be life-threatening.

Every metaphysics system is good. There is no bad metaphysics. If it’s bad, usually it’s because of the person, not the system. If the metaphysics is not good, there’d not be a strong followings for many centuries. It works for many. And it doesn’t work for many too. For those that it doesn’t work, remember, it’s human’s fault and NOT the system. Perhaps it could be you did not understand the system fully. Perhaps, it is because you took charge to be who you want, and not let destiny rules you. Perhaps it could be the fortune-teller who wrongly dictated what you should do, and not give you the road map to your Life Path.

Like a reference guide or road map, you decide the course of action, given the choices available. When events happen, it is not because the numerology method isn’t accurate. It is because of the actions you took to make it happen. If events don’t happen when it should, it is also because of your actions!

So, the next time before you say a metaphysics method is wrong, think about what you have done previously. Whatever it is, it is because… YOU ASK FOR IT!

If You Think, You Will.

Regards, Ron


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