Now the World Cup 2010 is over…

Even though Spain is the winner for the World Cup 2010, every team playing in the field is a winner in every way.

“I was right,” I could hear many people saying, “I told you about my prediction. I told you Spain would win.”

In the next few days, we will see many articles from metaphysicians, claiming how accurate they had predicted Spain to be the winner. More people will start breeding octopus hoping to boost its psychic power to predict the next World Cup 2014 winner.

Prediction is just a forecast, and is not 100% accurate, every time. Everyone is looking up to Paul, the octopus as a sacred species. People are treating Paul as their newfound spiritual messenger. Humans are by nature, greedy. Opportunists would be cashing in on the increased awareness of the power of the octopus. Soon, we shall see ornaments, gifts, figurines and artworks looking like Paul, selling at enormous prices.

Different metaphysic practitioners use different tools to aid them in their divination. I-Ching coins, rice grains,  tarot cards, poker cards, and parrots are among many of the divination tools used today. And now, we have an addition – the octopus. Wonder whether the “praying mantis” would be the next sacred species?

It doesn’t matter whether there could be a hidden message, a conspiracy theory, or to some people, a hidden message from “the highest level up there.”

We (humans) will always make use of tools to help us predict.  It’s a game of chance. Do we want the parrots or Paul to help us win the game? Do we want the animals to decide our fate and destiny? Do we want to be the slaves to them? Do we want the calendar to restart and worship the animals like the ancient people, the day after 21.12.2012?

Life is NOT like a game of chance. In fact, life is more than a game. The playing time is more than 90 minutes – it’s a lifetime. And most importantly, everyone can be a winner at the same time, as long as we understand our limits and make effort to improve them.

Some of us (humans and animals) could have found the ‘connected intuitive link’ to predict events better than others. However, we should all always remind ourselves not to abuse it. Once misused, the ‘system’ would no longer be effective, and accurate. It can become the weakest link. When Paul made a wrong prediction, it may become a delicacy for Asian food lovers.

Predictions are after all, predicting certain event may happen. It doesn’t mean the event will happen. It may not happen. Some people believed the world would end in the Year 2000. Books on predictions made by Nostradamus were selling well. In a way, he was correct. There were chaos but it was not the end of the world for humans. Instead, the Y2K bug affected the ‘computing world’. And we survived the crisis.

And now, the next “end of the world” prediction is near – 21.12.2012. Will the Mayan prophecies be correct? What will happen the day after 21 Dec 2012? Will there be a new dawn, the start of a new life when the calendar restarts?

In 2012, the elements of NATURE are strong – there may be massive floods, heavy strong winds, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes. There would be epidemic and major health issues related to respiratory organs and the kidney. New air-borne diseases may surface. It could infect sea-life creatures and the birds.

In every YIN, there is a YANG. In every calamity, something good will surface. So, while we feel the fear, we should also look at the YANG side, to experience the success.

In 2012, there may be new medical discovery that may help control diseases related to airborne, respiratory, and kidneys. Fewer people will suffer from dehydration. There will be new and faster ships (air and sea).

The next World Cup 2014 will soon start. Paul would be a legend by then, perhaps recreated as a good-luck charm and worshipped mainly by gamblers. More “fly-by-night” fortune-tellers would surface. And the search begins for the next sacred “psychic” species.

Regards, Ron


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