Whatever Will Be, Will Be

When I was just a little boy, I loved to sing the song “Que Sera Sera”. Now that I have grown up, I asked myself, “Is the future not for us to see?”

Should we simply leave our destiny to fate and tell ourselves that we should simply go with the flow of nature and let “whatever will be, will be’.

Sadly, there are many people who live by the day. They couldn’t care what the future will bring as they could not even know whether they can survive the day itself, and bring food to the table the next day.

It may be a little too zealous to foretell our future in 20 years, when we don’t even know what may happen to us in 5 years. Therefore, the words “the future is not for us to see” may be true if we look into the far future. But that doesn’t mean we should just sit down and resign to our own fate and sing the phrase “whatever will be, will be… the future is not for us to see….”

What’s important is the near future. Our actions today or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, can change our immediate future. And that can lead you to become a BETTER you in the far future. Forget about the 20 years. Instead, ask yourself what are you going to do within the next 5 years?

Make more money? Tour around the world and spend like there is no tomorrow? Spend quality time with your loved ones? Have a healthy and positive mind? Work smart and not hard? Living life the way you want it to be?

I started my book project in early 2007, about a year before I learned the Power of Numbers (PON) method from Dr. Oliver Tan, PhD. It was only after one year later in 2009 that I realised that by introducing my extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, anyone can use them, without deep theories, to improve their own lives for a better future.

It doesn’t matter whether you evangelise Elements of Numbers, or is a true believer of the “Law of Attraction” metaphors. You can become who you want to be in the next 5 years once you learn to let go of your resentments and free your emotions; and take life anew with a new set of energised and positive thoughts.

The choice is yours, Make it the RIGHT choice!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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