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Sandy sent me an email and asked, “Is Personal Root 5 very rare and few?” Her friend attended a numerology course and the trainer mentioned that not many people have Root number 5. True enough, when the students did a quick survey, there aren’t many people with Root 5 around.

Is Root 5 so rare? Is 5 like the Rare Earth?

Let me elaborate more on the number 5…

In my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, I mentioned that number 5 is Earth. Earth has both the Yin and Yang characteristics. It can be hard (like the hard rock) and it can be soft (like the mud). The number 5 is a freedom fighter, change maker, principle-minded, and a reclusive hermit in many ways. They have natural ‘extreme personalities’ with the flexibility nature of soft clay; and the forceful and demanding nature of a volcano or landslide.

As the number 5 is of Earth element, people who are Root 5 are normally close to the nurturing and spiritual nature of Mother Earth. People with Root 5 are usually more spiritual and philosophical than people with other Root numbers. They are more easily connected to metaphysics. What this means is that people with other Root numbers may take a longer time to grasp the underlying fundamentals of metaphysics, compared with Root 5 people.

Don’t worry if you are not a Root 5 person. Remember, the number 5 can come in your Personal Year, Personal Month and even Personal Day energies. You can also be a great EON trainer/consultant even if you are not a Root 5 person.

Root 5 people are adaptable and can easily find workarounds, mainly because of their ‘chameleon’ characteristics – the capacity to adapt to the characteristics and traits of the numbers beside it.

So, is people with Root 5 so rare and few?

NO. It all depends on who you know, and the people you associated with in your social and business circles.

So are all people with Root 5 the same, or do they have the same characteristic tendencies, putting all other factors (social influence, family upbringing and habits) aside?

The answer is again, NO.  NOT all people with Root 5 are the same as it all depends on what type of Root 5 they are.

Confused? Don’t worry… I will provide more details in later articles.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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