For Your Brain’s Sake, Meditate

If you have been digesting my articles, you’d noticed that I normally suggest a person to learn meditation to calm their tempers and worries. In my earlier article “More young drinkers having liver problems” , I did mention strong Fire may affect the heart and brain (mental).

When a person is constantly feeling stressful, irritable and emotional, the blood pressure may rise to an unhealthy level. This may increase the chances of having cardiovascular health problems.

When strong Fire controls the Metal, it may affect the lungs and mental mind, resulting in unnecessary worries, distractions and mental depression. Over a long period of time, the person may suffer from pneumonia, asthmatic or some form of mental illness or disorder. In addition, when the lung is affected, it may reduce the oxygen amount to the brain. On extreme cases, it may cause brain-related problems that can trigger a heart attack.

To balance the elements, the usual recommendations are to do some relaxing or calming down activities. Meditation is one easy and cheaper source, and does help one to free their mind from unnecessary worries and brings down the blood pressure to acceptable healthy level.

In this recent article, studies have found that meditation can improve certain brain regions and help a person with better memory, focus and stress control.

Once you understand the underlying principles of the Five Elements in my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, it is easy to understand why meditation helps. It’s all about understanding the meaning of the numbers, the individual elements, and the interrelation between the elemental energies and influences.

If a person has strong Fire or Metal element in their Birth chart, or one that is present in their Personal Year charts, it’s time to lessen the potential harmful effects on one’s mind and body. It’s time to learn to relax, exercise, have balanced diet and… meditate, for your own health’s sake. It does improve your personal well being.

I was worried before learning to meditate. I was afraid to go “too deep” into the quiet moments (of Alpha stage?) and fearing I could not get out if I have to. I was also scared about uninvited intrusion from the spiritual beings to my mind and body during meditation. I’m glad it was just a baseless fear once I started learning to meditate from the experts.

Try meditation if you can, for your brain’s sake.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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