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There were a series of advertisements placed by the Numbers Academy Singapore recently in local newspaper The Straits Times. It’s all about the Power of Numbers (PON) preview session conducted by Dr Oliver Tan, PhD.

If you have attended the session, that’s great. It’s so easy to profile a person using the numerological system Dr Oliver Tan calls it as the “Power of Numbers”.

Every trainer has their own style of teaching, and that includes Dr Oliver Tan’s frank, direct, loud and (often) crude remarks. Eventually, what’s important is to know whether you have learned anything from the session.

The PON session is the start of a new adventure. I do encourage people to attend the PON courses conducted by Dr Oliver Tan. It would benefit you as Dr Tan focused his PON theories more on the number patterns. I focused my EON theories mainly on the elemental vibrations of the numbers.

Many users told me that EON is better than PON. I do respect your opinions. Personally, I strongly believe it’s not a fair comparison to say EON is better than PON. Every metaphysics method has its own purpose, strengths and limits. It all depends on what information you need. And then use the suitable method to identify the issue and focus on getting the results.

PON and EON complements each other. When you are constantly using EON theories in your analysis, you’d happily say that EON is better. But when you constantly analyse a person using number patterns, naturally you’d say that PON is better since you are more comfortable in applying the theories.

Many PON users enjoy reading the articles I’ve posted as the theories seem so familiar, but yet uniquely different. I do apologise as the advanced theories are more on the extended fundamentals of EON .

I do receive regular emails from Singapore users who bought my book and visited this site often. Many asked whether I do conduct workshops (off-site, and in-house) as you want to learn EON as well.

I hear you. I have a problem – I’m not great at workshop administration and logistic. If anyone (or company) is keen to help me organise the workshops on regular basis (in Singapore and overseas), do let me know. I can concentrate on my research and training while I leave the organising tasks to you.

Meanwhile, start practising on the theories I have described in my book by doing more analysis. Consider my first book as the course workbook for the Basic module.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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