EON and the Winning Game

By now, you’d know the results of the Asian Zone World Cup Qualifiers matches between Malaysia and Singapore. The punters and gamblers are happy and sad, depending on which sides they’re betting on. The 2011 Year’s energies of 6-6-3 are instilling the [Money-Money-Fast] thinking on them.

Then again, some of you may have used the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to forecast the winning teams for both matches held last Saturday (23 July) and on Thursday (28 July).

Although it’s possible to forecast a winning team using the EON method, the final analytical result is always subjective as it depends on the purpose of the forecast. Simply put, when you analyse for gambling purpose, chances are, your forecast may be vague or ambiguous. That, I believe, is the Heaven’s Law where you have the brains and hands to work to earn your keeps, and not to rely on windfall to live the life you hope to have.  Otherwise many publishing owners of punter’s guidebooks and magazines would earn their windfall through gambling and not through the direct sales of their regular publications! And fortune-tellers would be too busy cashing in their winning money to the banks instead of giving you lottery numbers that they claimed could make you richer.

You have a choice to believe the law of the Heavenly Forces, or in your inner beliefs. Maybe it works occasionally but not every time. Anyway, if you use the EON method to predict the correct winning teams or lottery numbers, do consider contributing a portion of the winnings to charity and help those in real need to live a better and healthier life.


Now, let’s look at the clues on why Singapore (SG) team has won the soccer game against Malaysia (MY) team. I’m using various meanings associated to the numbers for a creative analysis here. You may want to refer to my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information on the different meanings to the numbers.

When I first did the forecast, I was using the same application method used in YiJing (I Ching divination/oracle). I plotted the Singapore’s charts only as I wanted to find out the answer of my question, “Will Singapore win the soccer match against Malaysia?” For this article, I’ve decided to plot the charts out for both teams as a case study.

[Note to EON Workshop user:  Although this is a new case study, look out for clues in my explanation – they’re similar to what I’ve shared with you at the workshop]

When I looked at the Personal Year 2011 chart for the SG team, the “break-away” signs were obvious because of the supporters. The SG team needs all the resources and skills to achieve their goals. The PY2011 chart shows favourable elemental vibes. The 8-4-3 [Strategies-Plan-Action] could imply stressing times for the SG team to identify all possible strategies and plan their tactical moves. Once they carried out their plans, they could instill the success mindset and confidence. In Singlish (Singapore slang), we can say that it’s the “Kiasuism” (afraid to lose) winning attitude that makes the SG team strived harder for success [7-2-9, Desire-Express-Success].

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The 9-3-3 in the Combined Day chart (28 July) for the MY team could imply [Goal-Fast-Fast] attitude. Could the overconfidence cause self-complacency in the team’s mindset that they would surely win the game on home ground?

Isn’t creative analysis great?

When I first forecast the matches, I adopted the visualisation method but it was not as “creative” as mentioned here. Instead, the intuitive mind plays a major role in the decision once you have build up the knowledge and experience. However, while writing this article, the creative juice simply flows allowing me to show how you can use your right brain to analyse from a creative view.

If you cannot correlate the analogies used, don’t worry too much for now since I’m using advanced EON methodologies. Get out of the fixed analytical method you may have learned elsewhere. Understand and applying the extended EON method would widen your observation skills and perception in analysing. I’d be sharing these extended techniques at the next EON Workshop session.

When you can understand the meanings to the numbers, elements, and visualisation associations, it is possible to think wild and creatively in your analysis. For example, take the case of 3-3-6; it’s not only about [Fast-Fast-Money], perhaps it’s good for the gamblers and punters. The number 6 is like a whistle (refer to Page 154 of my book). We can also associate the 3-3-6 to action-packed game, and the referee’s whistling to mark the end of the game.

Creative visualization is one of the keys to attracting success with the mind power. Make use of your left and right brain to think logically and creatively. Through practices and continual learning, you’d be able to build up the knowledge and experience you need to improve your analytical skills and your life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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