What’s with 1-2-1?

I noticed there was a search for the 1-2-1 number combination recently. That started me writing what the 1-2-1 could mean for personality traits and thoughts.

Let’s start from the basic interpretation first before gradually moving up to the Advanced level. Using the basic keyword adapted from the Power of Numbers (PON) method, we can use an analogy of the 1-2-1 [Alone-Talk-Alone] to a salesperson selling their goods at a flea market.

They are usually alone or feel lonely. They are easily distracted and can be indecisive. They need to express or communicate with others. The expression could come in the form of talking, singing, writing, and other communicative means. However, they’re just like a typical fast-talker salesperson – their message could be vague or misinterpreted. In the end, they may feel disappointed and lonely.


Using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, there is a need for the person to talk and take action fast to achieve success

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Once they can overcome that unnecessary worrying and fear, and believes in their subconscious inner self, they’d be able to move forward transforming their visions into successful achievements.

The characteristics I’ve mentioned are just some of the general traits a person with 1-2-1 may experience. The tendency signs are stronger if the 1-2-1 is present in their Birth charts. If the 1-2-1 is present in their Personal Year chart, they may “display” such traits during that year.

However, it doesn’t imply every person with the 1-2-1 number combinations in their Birth or Personal Year charts would have similar traits. There are surrounding elements or number vibes that could influence their thoughts and actions.

The 1-2-1 is like a piece of the jigsaw picture. You have to look at other number combinations to complete the profiling and view the final picture of the person.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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  1. Gan says:

    Hi Ron,
    I would like to know how you got this 1-2=1 and not the usual 1-2=3, please advise?


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