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“A friend approached me to check through numerology whether her nephew is harmed by spirit. He is a timid person and recently saying that he is being followed by spirit. Her mother also said his character seem weird recently as he can cry for no reason especially at this adult age,” wrote Stephen in his email to me. “Is it because of the 5-5 appeared in his PY 2012 chart with the year root number 1 causing the mental problem such as hallucination? Or is he really being harmed by spirit?”

Some time ago, I made an interesting discovery while doing my research on improving the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I chanced on a particular pattern suggesting signs of spiritual senses or sightings, increasing sixth-sense, or extraordinary intuitive feelings. As in my usual research fact-finding approach, I’d try to correlate the pattern’s relevance to the vibes of the Five Elements and identify the probable causes. So far, I’ve only shared the findings including revealing the specific pattern at the previous EON WORKSHOP sessions. I felt I had to control the findings (for now) due to its sensitivity, and apologise for not sharing with you here openly. I also felt those who’d attended the EON WORKSHOP deserve to acquire more extended techniques because they’re willing to spend the time and money to support me at the workshop.

By the way, I’m arranging the next 7th EON WORKSHOP, and will announce the date once I can confirm the schedule.

CaseStudy-WilsonNow, let’s look at Wilson’s EON chart beyond the ‘conventional’ analytical approach. Put aside the fact the ‘spiritual senses’ pattern that I’ve mentioned earlier, which incidentally, is present in his chart.

“Is it because of the 5-5 appeared in his PY 2012 chart with the year root number 1 causing the mental problem such as hallucination?”

Yes, Stephen is right to say the number 5, having a duality trait, could transform and inhibits the traits of its surrounding number which is 1. When the 5 ‘transform’ to 1, the mental vibes becomes stronger. The person may experience tendency signs like unnecessary worries, hallucinations, mental maniac, temperaments, madness, and craziness actions.

First, Wilson’s parents should bring him to seek professional medical help and check if the increasing fear is because of mental hallucinations (could it be because of ‘O-level’ exam stress?) rather than spiritual sightings.

We can also analyse a person’s chart using multi-layer observations, a useful technique which I’d shared at the workshop. Incidentally, I noticed there is another unique pattern which could suggest the “Heavenly SendOff’ pattern. This time around, only those who’d attended my 5th or 6th EON WORKSHOP would know how to identify such pattern. Don’t be fearful. The “sendoff” vibes has slight harmful impact due to the absence of another pattern. There could also be Qi deficiency in his body based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Five Elements.

From traditional Chinese beliefs, metaphysicians will encourage checking the house for negative Qi energies that could manifest stale energies, and sometimes, could introduce unwelcome ‘visitors’. If time and budget allow, Wilson’s parent could consider seeking the help of experienced FengShui consultant or spiritual cleanser to check if there is anything they could do to stop the haunting exposures, if found.

Coincidentally, Wilson’s father had a stroke attack in early Jan this year. It’s anyone guess whether the house is ‘dirty’, or just the effects of ‘strong electromagnetic field energies’ around the area of the house. The stroke could be unrelated to Wilson’s case as Stephen mentioned the presence of number 6 in his Wilson’s father’s PY2013 chart.

Although I don’t have Wilson’s father’s birthdate, I was curious to find out more. I noticed from Wilson’s chart shows there is a possibility Wilson’s father may have started to experience health symptoms in December 2012.

[Note: I chanced on another useful method to identify the parent’s general health condition from a person’s chart sometime in late November last year.  Although it’s not definite yet, early observations show related tendency signs. I’ll share this method at the forthcoming 7th EON WORKSHOP session.]


From an EON perspective, there are strong tendency signs of STRESS and these could lead to mental madness or bipolar disorder, at extreme cases. Wilson has to learn to control his mental thoughts as the presence of the number 5 (in locations I-M-S) remains strong in his natal chart, and through his Personal Years. He should learn to face obstacles and consider them as challenges instead. He should learn to understand success is not about the end result – being a perfectionist (1-8-9) and achieving the best result. He should learn to focus his attention on healthier pursuits to minimise the unnecessary worries (1 and 6) and muzzy thoughts (2 and 7) especially this year 2013. Wilson has to start taking actions now as he would experience the “Double Effect” vibes next year in 2014.

Wilson could take up sporting activities in school and go for regular exercises to strengthen the Qi energies in his body. He should maintain a healthy diet, and control his emotions, tempers, and stress. Wilson’s parents should not impose undue stress on him and let him study in his own way. Wilson is more of a ‘book smart’ person (who can study if he wants to) although he can be resourceful because of the additional ‘street smart’ pattern in his chart.  Perhaps he could learn to study through concepts rather than ‘learning by heart’ to reduce the unnecessary STRESS further.

Finally, whether there are real sightings or not, Wilson’s parents should bring him to seek professional medical help as soon as they can.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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