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Jenson was excited as he knew he had the perfect plan. He’s prepared the documents and presentation slides. He was ‘ready-to-go’ and confident he could get the buy-in approval from the management team. Jenson knew he must control his emotions and tempers. He knows once his temper flares up, he could embarrass himself and destroyed his perfect plan.

EXTEND1Jenson went to the meeting room. With the no-nonsense and positive attitude, Jenson could addressed issues direct and replied to questions ‘straight-to-the-point’ when prompted. He knew he must set his priorities right and get his plan approved. Time is of essence to Jenson who dislikes wasting time unnecessary. He manifested the warmness and managed to create the excitement to his colleagues at the meeting. He knew some colleagues could turn his presentation into an impractical nightmarish event. They are the ‘stumbling blockers’ who often asked many challenging questions, and likes stirring up his emotions and tempers. “Relax. Calm down. Control… Control,” Jenson reminded himself.

Most colleagues liked his plan. Jenson was happy but he needed to convince the ‘stumbling blockers’ to agree to his plan too. Questions were asked, and Jenson quickly answered them. There are times when tempers were almost rising and luckily Jenson could manage his behaviours and actions well. Though the colleagues are the ‘stumbling blockers,’ Jenson knew they meant well for the sake of the company and its investors. Jenson managed to get majority votes, and the proposal was a success. He was glad he managed his tempers and emotions well this time around.

CaseStudy_JoanChenHe was not so lucky the last time. He lost his tempers previously when the same ‘stumbling blockers’ probed him on his plans, and how he would supported his claims. Then, Jenson could not get his plans approved because he lost his coolness. His tempers and emotions affected everyone in the room, and as a result, the focus was on his tempers and not his innovative plans. Jenson felt disappointed and reminded himself to remain calm always in the future. He knew when he is calm, he could focus on his logical and creative thoughts to inspire and motivate everyone in the room, and get them to be in sync with his visions. He knew when his emotions get the better of him, it’s doomsday for him.

Jenson has the 3-1-2 vibes in his chart. You might have experienced similar vibes previously if you have the 3-1-2 number patterns in your chart. The pattern could be present in any locations in your birth chart or Personal Year charts, including the Hidden Number locations.

Whatever it is, the creative and passionate vibes get you nowhere when you lose your tempers and emotions. If you manage them well, you can achieve your target – mostly with materialistic gains. After all, 3-2-1 [3+1+2=6] and we can associate the number 6 to wealth, financial stability, and home. We also associated number 6 to the Metal element. This could suggest the need for mental calmness and mindfulness (at present moment) as an important reason if you want things done right your way. Capitalise the strengths of your brain (left side for logical and mental capacities, and right side for creative and expressive capacities) to deliver your message across in a clear, focused, and attentive way.

CaseStudy_GongLiLearn to be tactful and improve your dialogues with others. Think before you talk. Analyse before you act.  People often recognise and respect you for your talent and attitude… so keep your self-beliefs and behaviours in control. Earn your respect and give others their due respect too. Teamwork is important if you want your plan to happen. Remember a single brick cannot build a house but many bricks do. You’re blessed with quick mental and intuitive capacity and the ability to think of innovative ideas fast. However, you must remember other people may not think as fast or digest information as fully as you. It’s important you exercise patience and be empathetic towards other people. Listen to them attentively and hear their views. Don’t filter their words quickly as you often tend to do so just to hear only the good words. Take the undivided effort to spent extra time clarifying doubts and clearing the air, and get your message delivered to others correctly. Two common phrases here – “More haste, less speed” and “Slow and steady wins the race.” The quality of the result mainly depends on your attitude and tactfulness. You must strive to adapt yourself to situational needs and that could make you a better respectable person.

Want to know the visualisation techniques I’m adopting to analyse the 3-1-2 patterns?

FEN_COURSEI’ve tentatively schedule to conduct the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) course in Penang on 13/14 December 2014. It was a last-minute decision to schedule the class as there were interested participants requesting for a class in Penang. However, I understand from Adelin (my Malaysia organiser) there are requests  for alternative dates as many could not make it for the course as they’re ‘out of town’ for holiday overseas. This means that unless we have enough people to form a class, I’ll have to postponed the sessions until another day. 

Come and support me. I look forward to see you in Penang. Register them today (by Thursday, 4th December 2014) so that we can confirm if there are enough people to form a class. I’ll show you the visual techniques, and explain how you can identify traits and symptoms beyond numbers and patterns.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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