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At my recent “Numerology 2015” talk and FEN course preview on 6th February 2015, I mentioned the implications of using the LIFECODE number patterns. I noted signs of anticipation when I asked if anyone wants to know one reason behind my observation. Naturally, I told them the reason and showed a sample slide adapted from my FEN Level 2 (Advanced) presentation materials. I then explained the detrimental effects it could impose on someone with certain birth charts. That’s one of the many valuable knowledge I’ve shared with those who’re present on that day.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeWyson sent me an email and wrote, “Thank you for your enlightening talk last Friday. I have signed up for the upcoming courses in March. I’m concerned with your remarks on the LIFECODE. At the PON course, I bought 3 plaques for my wife, my son and myself.  Will you be able to check if any of these are not suitable for us?

2004JTechnically, there is nothing wrong with the LIFECODE number pattern, and using the plaque as an energiser to manifest the positive vibes around. It’s just like any ‘FengShui cures’ promoted by many FengShui professionals to strengthen the positive vibes, or to suppress the negative vibes.  Experts use these as symbolic ornaments to harmonise the energies around. Most FengShui professionals and enthusiasts know they have to refresh and recharge (reactivate) these ‘cures’ periodically for better sustainable effect. They recognises that if they don’t change these energisers on regular basis, the manifested energies around could reduce gradually and turned stale at some time later. When the positive energies are low, the negative energies increase. In turn, these negative energies could affect the people staying in the house. Symptoms like emotions, tempers, mood swings, frequent disagreement and anger may arise at times.

confusionNow let’s review the use of the LIFECODE objectively. When you see the numbers on the plaque or remember the numbers consciously in your minds, it’s just a reinforcement action embracing the “Law of Attraction” principles.  But it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lifetime energiser solution. That could be one reason many PON (Power of Numbers) students who bought the LIFECODE ornaments (like plaques, rings, and bracelets) might have felt positively better during the early stage. The luckier ones could have gain better winnings too. And like any “beginners’ luck” with the influencing effects, the “Law of Attraction” positive manifestation could gradually turns to a “State of Subconscious Neglect” over time. That’s how the negative vibes took effect. The positive influencing effects of the LIFECODE on a person is not permanent.

I replied to Wyson, “You need to check the elemental strength in your chart and then compare them with the LIFECODE numbers. If they are supportive, then there is minimal negative effect. However, the Yearly energies may somehow influence the quality of the lifecode energies.

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalYou need to check your own birth chart and gauge the strength of the elements present. For example, if there are too many numbers 4 or 9 in your chart, the least you’d want to do is to manifest a LIFECODE pattern with multiple 4s or 9s. That’s harmful to your health, and you may end being excessively emotional, getting jealous easily, fearful and forceful, temperamental, and quarrelsome. Is that a life you want? Do you want to energise the negative vibes and transform yourself to a horrified person others hated?

Wyson then send me a follow-up email and wrote, “I have been displaying these LIFECODE plaques in the house and wondering if there are any negative effects or not.

Discarded it? Keep in the drawers? Hang up as a decoration piece? Or just ignore them?

TempersNo, unless it’s one of those charts that have strong unfavourable elemental strength, I’d suggest Wyson to continue placing the plaques in its current place. However, Wyson must consciously take note that should there be frequent disorderliness, aggravations, and quarrels among family members for no outright reasons, he must take action. He might want to consider putting the specific lifecode plaque (affecting the person creating the tension) aside, perhaps keep in a drawer.

Is the LIFECODE effective? Does it have any life-threatening impact?

EON_outside_the_boxLike any method that needs user’s conscious manifestation, the lifecode has both positive qualities (when use correct and timely) and negative implications (when use or manifested wrongly). I believe the PON trainers meant well when they introduces the LIFECODE ornaments to their students. It’s just that students are not aware of the sustainable energies and its implications.  It’s important to understand how you can use the lifecode at the suitable time (for peak performance), and when to stop using the lifecode when it’s not needed. No, it’s not life-threatening. The extreme cases, like falling sick frequently, is due to your own conscious mindset, self-beliefs, and lifestyle habits. It has nothing to do with the lifecode which is just like a picture frame hanging on your wall. At most, it could influence your imagination, hysterical thoughts, wishful thinking’s and behaviours. The deadly part, is probably due to your neglecting health care.

AnnualCodeIn summary, the LIFECODE has both plus and minus points. There are many ways – often cheaper alternatives than buying an expensive symbolic ornament– to energise the lifecode once you understand the knowhow. Then again, no one’s stopping you if you prefer buying the PON LifeCode plaques when money is not an issue. However, please weigh your choices if you need to spend the hard-earned money prudently and wisely. I’d suggest you consider other mind-changing methods when necessary. You can just do it through your conscious thoughts by making a paradigm shift. I remembered the first time when I tried manifesting my own lifecode numbers. I took a pencil and write it down on the bottom panel of my laptop screen. Each time when I look at my laptop screen, I could see the numbers – an obsessive action without basis. And I’d consciously read the numbers hoping to activate the energies and harmonise the “Qi’ around me. After a while, I felt little need to rely on the lifecode numbers so I rubbed off the ‘pencilled’ numbers on my laptop screen. In fact I felt more positive after making a mindset shift. For now, understanding the ANNUAL CODE provides me with an outline of the year’s rhythmic vibes. And I could take charge to follow-up and act on the positive sides for better days ahead.

Our “special early bird discount” for the FEN courses end this Sunday (15th Feb 2015). After which, you get to enjoy the usual early bird discount until end of the month. Check the EON INSPIRE site for course details and registrations or click on below EVENTBRITE links to register.

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When you attend the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class, I’ll elaborate more on the underlying reasons behind the LIFECODE implications. I’ll also teach you how to use the ANNUAL CODE energies to find out the rhythmic vibes that might influence you in a specific year. For example, Wyson might have experienced stressful and lonely moments last year. He could have spent more time than usual in trying to complete his plans, often feeling crazy busy and worrying unnecessary. There are signs of career challenges (and possible competitions) at work. If Wyson is aware of these signs earlier, he could have work on improving his work foundations and knowledge, and exercise self-control and tactfulness in his communications with others. And perhaps he could have the means to control his financial loss.

I will continue Wyson’s case in my next article. I will share my observations on whether Wyson’s lifecode numbers is suitable for him. I’m happy Wyson has registered for the FEN courses and took advantage of the special early bird discount offered.

If you bought similar PON LIFECODE plaques previously, felt nothing much has changed now, and am concerned with what you should do about it, why not learn the fundamentals and know how to do-it-your-way in future. I look forward to share many extended EON techniques with you in class.

Register now for the FEN courses. It’s not about the discount offered, but a life-changing experience awaits you.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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