Thanks for attending my “Numerology 2015” and FEN preview session


We have at first scheduled for 20 people attending my free talk “Numerology 2015: Your Personal Outlook” on 6th February 2015 (Friday) at Peace Centre. When the target hits 20 a few days before the preview day, we decided to increase the registration numbers to 30. We apologised to those who’d tried to register or have called Wang on the same day as we’re concerned with the classroom size.

All in, we have 30 people registered. 22 of them came while the remaining 8 people did not turned up. Probably they’re tied with work or personal commitments. A little request to all when registering for future free sessions – a little courtesy would help make everyone’s mood and learning experience better. Please inform us early if you could not attend the session after registering. Give others the opportunity to attend. Can? Thanks.

Thanks to all who took the time to attend the session!  Here’s the summary of the topics discussed:2015_vibes1

  • Global Outlook for 2014 and 2015.  I correlated the events that happened last year in 2014 with the tendency signs present. I also explained the recent events like blizzards in New York and the recent TransAsia plane crashed in Taiwan – these are resulting vibes from the tendency signs present in the 2014 vibes. I’ve explained the transitional effects of the yearly vibes and overlapping previous and incoming year’s energies. I told the class that although we’re now in 2015, they could still experience and be affected by the 2014 vibes in the coming months.
  • 2015_vibes2Personal Outlook for 2015. I showed slides giving examples on how to find out the Personal Year (PY) chart just by adding up the person’s day of birth and month of birth. There are 9 PY numbers that may affect us through the years. I then explained the probable effects that might happened to each individual in 2015, and last year’s 2014 effects for some participants. In addition, I shared some extra effects that could happened to the person with the relevant PY numbers. Yes… there are obvious signs of agreement among the participants. I told the class there’s nothing secret once they understand how the elements and the numbers interact. And the ideal way to understand is to learn the knowhow, and I will teach them the technique when they signed up for the FEN Basic or FEN Advanced level classes.
  • FEN LEVEL 1 (BASIC) course. I showed sample slides of the FEN LEVEL 1 (BASIC) Module and highlighted the different course outlines I’ll be sharing with the students in class. I also shared a simple visualisation technique during the session to explain how students can use the creative side of their brain to imagine the ‘SENSUAL’ meaning.
    • EXTEND1We have tentatively scheduled the FEN Level 1 (BASIC) class on 28/29 March 2015. It’d be a 2-day weekend class. The course fee is S$590. If you signed up before 28th February 2015, you only pay $540 ($50 discount saving). The nominal discount is a token of our appreciation for your early support. I’ll teach you more extended techniques in class, provide ‘after-class’ continuing learning by posting articles (and your case studies) on this website, email support, and free course notes. What’s more, I will give you a free copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Well, if you want a special autographed copy, I can sign them in class. I also told the class that we’ve set up the EON INSPIRE company to share the EON teachings to as many people as possible, from a passionate research and sharing view. We also recognised your hard-earned money and encourage positive decision-making and financial prudence.   
    •  If you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I’d recommend attending the FEN Level 1 (Basic) course first. Even if you’d attended the Basic or Advanced level courses from other organisations, you’re encouraged to attend this module first. You’ll pick up the fundamentals of EON and other essential techniques (not taught by other trainers in other organisations) to build up your knowledge on personality profiling. And through regular practises, I’m confident you’ll feel comfortable profiling a person’s personality, their traits and characters, and probable behaviours and actions.
  • EON_AnswersFEN LEVEL 2 (ADVANCED) course. I’ll include extra selected ‘master level’ topics to this advanced module as we want to equip you with all possible techniques to become a confident life path profiling expert. This means I’ll be teaching more extended techniques for the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course.  We have tentatively scheduled the FEN LEVEL 2 (ADVANCED) class on 25/26 April 2015. It’s a 2-day weekend class. The course fee is S$690. Early bird registration (registered on/before 28 Feb 2015) is $640. For easier course registration, you can register and pay via the EventBrite site. Check the EON-Inspire site for course and registration details.
    • AnnualCodeAt the session, I’ve shown sample slides from my FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course. I also highlighted some of the extended techniques students will learn in class, including the use of ANNUAL CODE to identify the yearly signs. Oh, I explained the reasons I felt the LIFECODE method (taught by trainers in other organisations) has its limit, especially its potential harmful health effect on a person with certain charts. Besides the limit and manifesting harmful health issues, it’s not practical to rely on the ‘lifecode’ vibes forever in your entire lifetime. The periodic energies (from Year, Month, Day, Rhythmic Cycles) would influence you more in varying ways depending on the strength of elements and numbers present in both your Birth and periodic charts. This means the higher chance of you getting ‘hit’ by the yearly vibes than the external ‘life code’ energies. This means the importance of understanding the yearly vibes through the PY vibes and the tendency signs present in Annual Code.
    • Wealth Directional MethodSome other examples that I’ve shown include identifying parental health – the ability to identify potential health problems on your parents (if they’re still alive) from your chart. I’ll share the technique to identify people with strong ‘intuition and sixth senses’, book smart and street smart, and other health conditions like diabetic and cancerous tendencies. I’ve provided the five common-sense remedies in my book. And for FEN advanced students, I will teach you how to plot personalised directional charts as a strengthening method. I’ll show you how to apply the ‘Qi Tapping’ application principles (adapted from my knowledge in QiMenDunJia) to optimise the positive energies at the apt time.

Have you completed the Advanced/Mastery level classes on the Power of Numbers (PON) and/or Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM), or completed classes conducted by organisations like LifeQuest, or Science of Numbers? Sign up for my FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module and get ready for an insightful and positive experience. I guarantee you’ll learn more extended techniques beyond the fundamentals of numbers.

FEN_AdvLvl1EON/FEN students know my teaching style is interactive and I encourage participation. I prefer the adult-adult knowledge sharing approach than an academic-like teacher-student information distribution process. Come and support me by signing up for the FEN courses. And if you signed up before end February, you will get to enjoy the early bird discount. If you’re one of the 22 people who’d attended my talk on Friday, you know you get to enjoy further discount when you pre-register for the FEN Basic course before 15th February 2015. We’ll sent you an email soon on how to register for the course. You can also contact Wang at or contact him at 9275-9177 on FEN (Five Elements Numerology) course registration details. You may also check out the course details at the EON Inspire site at

FEN students who’d completed either FEN Basic or Advanced modules in 2014 need only pay $100 to repeat the same module.

Happy Learning and Knowledge Building!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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