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I received an email from Kailyn who wrote, “My hubby Eric got to know Calvin late last year. Calvin is our interior designer who promised to give commissions to Eric for every customer introduced. For the first project introduced by Eric, Calvin claimed that he made no profit but instead lose money due to an oversight. Eric did not get any commissions and found out later from external sources it was impossible NOT to have made any profits based on the quotation. For later projects introduced by Eric, Calvin gave him fewer commission than the promised percentage as he claimed that he did not make much from the project. When Eric tried to reason with him, Calvin said that Eric only use ‘mouth’ but did not do the hard work. This was inconsistent from what he (Calvin) already promised first. If Eric did not introduce customers, Calvin would not have even make any money. Eric has introduced close to 10 customers to Calvin so far. We also learned that Calvin’s wife (Second wife) controlled ALL his finance tightly.

EXTEND1Kailyn posted the following questions:

1) Is Calvin a con-artist?  Is he trustworthy? My hubby caught him lying a few times.

2) Is Calvin’s wife the one in control and manipulating the situation?

3) By joining Calvin’s company, will it benefit Eric or Eric may turn out to lose even more?

4) What is the outcome for Calvin based on the current and following personal year? Really curious to find out how he will turn out.

5) Will Eric be successful in the interior design line? Will he make it and find success in life?

It’s easier to address Kailyn’s questions in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes as I could happily share the extended methods and openly explained the underlying reasons and tendency signs. For example, it’s possible to identify the spouse vibes and discover the influence on Calvin’s wife during last year (2014) and this year 2015 even without knowing his wife’s birthdate. That’s a unique extended method I’ve developed into the EON principles based on my research and experience.

CaseStudy_CalvinLet’s look at Calvin’s chart. The double 4-8-3 patterns suggest possible EQ-related strains with others. This could imply that Eric’s strained relationship with Calvin is not isolated between them. Calvin might have faced communication problems with other people too. The LIFE SIGNS signal in Calvin’s chart suggest a person’s who might repeatedly share their successful visions to others in hope of getting their ‘buy-in’ to his ideals. In a way, it’s akin to the “over promising, under deliver’ attitude Calvin had that frustrates those who trusted him. The ‘false impression’ continues and are strongly felt last year (PY2014). The 4-7-2 [Plan-Support-Talk] pattern could imply revealing his plans and telling others his ability to deliver them to make easy money. They realise the need to heighten other people’s gullibility for easy success and fast money (9-6-6 [Success-Money-Money]).

credibilityCalvin’s relationships with Eric and possibly many others could turned sour and frustrating this year. Just look at the 4-8-3-2-7-9 patterns in his PY2015 chart. The annual vibes could suggest challenging times ahead for Calvin to deliver his promises and calm the temperamental moods of his supporters. Otherwise, his career might be at stake too, with the negative tendency signs affecting his career vibes this year. The intent of learning the extended EON techniques is not about the ability to identify tendency signs. Instead, it allows FEN student the ability to choose varying ways to work around and dilute the identified negative signs. It’s like telling you there is a major traffic accident ahead. You have a choice to divert and exit to a side road to reach your destination, or drive ahead and caught in the jam for hours.

When a person has constant bad EQ and problems communicating with others, they might be in an unstable mental state. They cannot think clearly and focused on what they want to do. We can also associate the number 6 to mental state of the mind. With the double sets of 4-8-3 fiery emotions suppressed the 6 (mental mind), the worrisome feelings are constantly at battle with his emotions. The distracting mental unease could affect his credibility.

AnnualCodeCould Calvin’s wife have been controlling his finances as Kailyn suspected? The tendency signs are ‘clear and present’ when I analysed their periodic charts. I’ve taught FEN students how to identify the spouse vibes in a chart, and these students could easily correlate the ‘financial controller at work’ in Calvin’s chart.

Can Eric join Calvin in the interior design business? Well, let’s look at their ‘Relationship / Compatibility’ (R/C) chart and see if there is any hints suggesting positive benefits.

The 1-2-3 pattern is present in their R/C chart, and it means the capacity for them to grow their profits are high. However, the 5-4-9 being in locations P-Q-R shows regular risk-taking and frequent challenges ahead. Together, the two sets of patterns (1-2-3 and 5-4-9) could imply both of them must be willing to face the obstacles, adjust their financial standings, and transform the challenges into opportunities. It might be a one-sided venture as there are signs suggesting one party is doing the ‘hard-work’ actions instead.

CaseStudy_Eric1It’s up to Eric whether he could imagined working with Calvin on a business venture, and grow their profits along the way. Personally, I’d prefer to stray on the cautious side before getting involved in business ventures. It’s important to have good relationships with your customers and supporters (suppliers, banks, investors). Building a healthy and positive service-orientated business is important. It’ll ‘subconsciously’ compel customers’ social word-of-mouth viral recommendations to expand the business awareness.

Let’s look at Eric’s chart now as I want to address Kailyn’s 4th and 5th questions. Eric was experiencing the Double Effect Year in 2014. It could be a “Double Blessing” or a “Double Whammy” experiences for him last year.

The 2-1-3 pattern could imply possible financial improvement but yet at the same time, could also mean double stumbling block towards his plans to grow his wealth. This means what looks good at first could turn out to be different eventually.

The challenges and opportunities are abound this year for Eric. He must be prepared to work a little harder (than usual) and carry out his plan if he wants better financial status in the months ahead. Eric has the intuitive traits and can tap on his creative mindsets if he wants to pursue a creative career, including interior designing. It’s a great time to start showcasing his creative talents and focus on online or social media for a change. After all, the ‘global’ vibes are strong in his PY2015 chart. And since his wife Kailyn is keen on exploring mobile app development, perhaps Eric might consider using his creative passions to help his wife realise their online visions together.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun






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