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Anyone can help me explain what are the differences between “Selected Day Chart” and Combined Day Chart”? When should we be looking at one of these charts?

That’s another question Francis posted recently in the FEN COMMUNITY chat group. I thought I might as well share some insights here since there are registered FEON+ users who have not attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes yet. At the same time, it allows me to highlight the unique features available in the FEON+ software.

DO_BETTERThe “Selected Day Chart” is the specific day chart you’re checking on. It’s just like plotting a person born on the focused day. This means you are only checking on the universal energies present on that day.

The “Combined Day Chart” that is unique to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, is similar to the Personal Year chart where you check the yearly chart of the person. However, instead of yearly chart, you’re actually plotting the Personal Day Chart, which in simple words, means combining the selected Day chart with your own birth chart. You can then check on the interactions of the Universal energies with your Personal energies, and determine its influence and impact on you.

The Selected Day Chart is generic and is the same for everyone. That is to say, the Universal energy of the day will influence us all. The Combined Day Chart is your personalised daily chart, and might be unique to you. When combined it means the level of the influence from the Universal energy might be different for you and someone else.

THE MINDI added the “Combined Day Chart” feature in the FEON+ software as I felt something was missing in other basic methods taught by external Trainers, and it doesn’t make sense only to look at the day chart for clues that might influence a person’s behaviours or thoughts. I’m glad I’d added the chart as it allows anyone with access to the FEON+ software to look at the individual day chart for more refined clues. In addition, together with the periodic pillar tables (Year pillar, Month pillar, and Day pillar), again a unique and exclusive feature of EON method, you can analyse a person’s energies in the year, month, or day. And if you have completed my FEN Advanced module, you’d be able to check on the hourly energy too, if you plan to maximise the optimal energies at that point in time. In fact, I’ve shared with the students how to use the periodic tables and Personal Daily Direction Chart to determine the ideal time frame, and then apply the ‘Qi Tapping’ technique to manifest positive energies on the beneficial period.

Francis asked, “If the Combined Day Chart has the 4-8 or 3-7 pattern sequence, does that mean there are strain relations on that day?

CaseStudy_JaysonThe 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) and 3-7-1 (or 7-3-1) are signs of squabbling, quarrelling, fiery outburst, stress, and triggering point of temperamental mood swings that might strain the relationship between two or more parties. Henceforth, when the 4-8 or 3-7 number sequence appears in the Combined Day Chart, it implies the person must learn to relax and control their tempers, be tactful in their conversation with others, and not let their tempers and emotions control their thoughts and actions. The purpose of analysing your chart is to be aware of the beneficial and unfavourable energies present, and to take steps to control and suppress the negative energies while you happily manifest the pleasurable and beneficial energies.

Of course when you are analysing someone’s chart, it means the need to foretell the influencing negative energies, and encourage them to take positive steps to control their negative behaviours, habits, and actions from surfacing that day. This way, when there are no or minimal strains felt, it doesn’t mean your analysis was incorrect. The reason that the forewarned signs did not happen was because you’ve indirectly helped them prevented the extreme negative actions from surfacing. So at least, there might be disagreement and slight tension, but not to the extent of heated arguments and loud vocal quarrels… and insisting to end the relationship!

I’d encourage you to consider using the FEON+ software as the essential profiling tool, if you’ve not already done so. Even if you have learned other methods from some other trainers, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you are accessing my site, and reading my articles show that you are keen and curious to know more about the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and desire to apply the techniques to better your profiling knowledge. Although other trainers could use different chart design layouts in their profiling methods (like PON and UCM), it should be easy and fast for you to adapt. It’d also be easier for you to correlate my articles and did your own case study analysis when you have the FEON+ software installed in your smartphone. The FEON+ software provides almost instantaneous display of the various charts, showing the elements and numbers that gives you more clues to look at. You can then analyse the charts from different perspectives or easily focused on identifying the life aspects quickly.

It’s great to know the personality of someone you know, and it can be better to let them know the tendency signs that might influence and affect them on a particular day. Even when they disregard your sincere intention, the fact that you’ve forewarned them is good enough as subconsciously, or consciously they’re already aware of the symptoms that might happen. The choice is for them to make and whether they want to take positive action today for a better tomorrow or face a stressful day ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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