Number patterns and 4-2-7

Two topics that I’d like to share in today’s article – (1) checking on number patterns; and (2) what’s in the 4-2-7 pattern?

I’ve always found it interesting whenever I analysed number patterns. Maybe it’s because I preferred adopting my personal analytical approach using multiple profiling steps.

In general, I’d first started from the basics – check out each number strictly on its own and next identify its characteristics before linking them with the adjacent numbers. Such “inside-the-box” analysis could provide some clues pointing to certain characteristics but is limiting. That’s where the next step of profiling comes useful – analysing from an “outside-the-box” perspective. Because of that, you might notice another set of pattern (with same numbers but arranged in different order) have almost similar traits with the main pattern you are focusing on. That said, it means a fixed set of pattern (say, 4-2-7) might exhibit related traits (but to varying degree) as other patterns (like 7-2-4, 2-4-7, 7-4-2, 4-7-2, 2-7-4). The reason – the three numbers 2, 4, and 7 are present and its energies are intertwined. The next few steps would be to identify the controlling and hidden vibes, plus the current energies that might eventually allow you to identify even more clues that might explain why people with a similar pattern behave differently. Confused?

Never mind that since it’s easier to illustrate by examples while in class than posting an article for general reading. Anyway, a specific number pattern has its own vibrations, correlations, and influences that often, could lead to varying outcomes. Understanding a number pattern is important as it allows you to pre-empt yourself and be aware that a person with such a pattern might or might not exhibit certain traits. A fixed set of pattern present in a person’s chart is never absolute unless the time has all stopped, and we stay still in a timeless void. In reality, we’re influenced and affected by the transient vibes moving around periodically through time, space, and energies. That is why you need to apply the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) multi-layering technique to check on the cumulative influences for better life-path profiling.

Similarly, a set of numbers present in a non-human object, like telephone, vehicle licence plate, mobile phone, house unit numbers, and symbolic plaques engraved with numbers (LifeCode?) have similar effects. An auspicious and prosperous sounding telephone numbers or house number could bring you luck when you first got it (heard of beginner’s luck?). But have you ever wondered why the good luck doesn’t remain forever? Imagine the outcome when the symbolic code is supposed to manifest positive vibes, but after a while seemed to have been diminishing? You can’t blame the people who promoted these symbolic codes. Instead, blame it on your weaknessesgullibility, greed, and laziness. You only heard from them about the good things, but not on the negative effects.

What do people like Richard Branson, Lee Kuan Yew, Ferdinand Marcos, Abraham Lincoln, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Mahatma Gandhi has in common?

They are just some of the people who have made an impact on many people, directly or indirectly. They are the ones who have the 4-2-7 (and other sequence like 2-4-7 or 7-2-4) in their natal or birth charts. On the other hand, the pattern could be present in their Time of Birth charts, or in their Combined Birth Date and Time charts. The latter two time-related charts are only exclusively available in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, which allows you to identify more clues to a person’s inner strengths and their weaknesses.

I’m glad many users have provided positive feedback on the time-related charts (and formula) which provides extra signs that might not be obvious or present in the natal or birth chart, just like in Mahatma Gandhi’s charts.

Let’s interpret the 4-2-7 pattern since I noticed someone had tried searching for possible answers on my site. We could interpret the 4-2-7 pattern as [Plan – Talk – Supporter], [Foundational – Communicate – Believers], [Plans – Impactful Speech – Voters’ Support], and [Emotional – Feelings – Acceptance]. In short, it’s all about delivering (and carrying out) their plans (including sharing strategies and foresights) to the audience through emotional and compelling speech that often generated positive excitement and support. A person with such a pattern tends to have the self-sacrificing traits too, since everything, including their successes, is to make the audience (their supporters) happy. Their intent might be to make their supporters excited, involved, and contented. Alternatively, it’s about their visions, fortitudes, and legacies.

From a layperson perspective, a person with the 4-2 or 4-7 pattern might inhibit similar traits as the 4-2-7, because of the “Yin-Yang” effect on the numbers 2 and 7 which belongs to the Water element. What this means is that when I looked at the 4-2-7 pattern in general, there are other signs of manipulations, charlatans (sweet-talking), persuasive, charismatic, appealing, thought-provoking, competitive, principled, inconsistency, shrewd, mood swings, flickering thoughts, playing with feelings, “subliminal” messages, deceitful, forceful, arrogant, resentment, and sensuous. From another perspective, the same person might exhibit a contrasting set of traits leading to a more humane kind – engaging in community bonding, humanitarian aids and/or charity projects; showing compassion, improving on home, security, and stability; and promoting holistic well-being. These Yin-Yang contradicting (and often contrasting) traits could lead to frequent opinionated debates on their characters and intentions, especially when the person is a public figure, politician, or a celebrity.

Of course, it doesn’t imply a person with the 4-2-7 pattern in their chart would exhibit all the traits I have mentioned so far. Our personalities are like the two sides of a coin – displaying the positive and negatives traits. There is no permanent dominant side in us, and it’s entirely up to us to decide which side we want to flip to present our inner and outward behaviours. It’s up to us to decide how we want our coin to look like – clean, pristine, dirty, defaced, shiny, or it doesn’t really matter much since you’re using it to help someone who’s less fortunate. As a freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi could have utilised both his strengths (positive traits) and weaknesses (negative traits) at the beginning, and subsequently focused mainly on maximising his positiveness whenever possible during his later years.

You also need to come back to reality and analyse the charts from a practical and logical side. You need to understand that there are other equally-influencing numbers present in the charts, and these could strengthen, suppressed, or form new sets of behaviours and traits that might lead to a different personality and character. It’s important to know yourself, and the potential good or bad energies that might create a change in your behaviour, feelings, attitude, and actions. Manifesting the good and beneficial vibes would make you a better prepared person. Otherwise, the periodic energies present in the Personal Year, Month, and Day charts can inflict negative influencing vibes on you when you aren’t prepared. Eventually, you can be a good person, and you can just be as bad too. The choice to be who you want to be, is yours to control.

Hope you’ve enjoyed another free insightful profiling lesson…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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