The Spendthrift 1-4-3

I’m excited and looking forward to the coming FEN WORKSHOP session this Saturday (28 Oct 2017) as it’s a very special day for me. More importantly, I’d like to thank the supportive users who’d register for the workshop.

In today’s article, I’m sharing a simple step to apply the visualisation profiling technique – in a fast and easy way. It’s essential when you need to provide quick profiling answers, like having your paid clients pestering you for your profiling views. While it may not be as comprehensive as the profiling steps that I’ll explain in class, it’s still a handy way to profile through sensible correlations. I prefer using the “think creatively and imagine” approach when analysing a chart, as I noted it usually led me to various clues. That’s the visualisation profiling techniques, something I’m so eager to share with those of you who’re attending this Saturday’s FEN WORKSHOP class.

Now, registration for the FEN WORKSHOP is still open until 9pm tomorrow (27 Oct 2017, Friday). If you’re keen to attend the class, just register before the dateline so that I can prepare the training notes and EON books. You can also email me on your attendance if you’re unsure how to make payment via PayPal or the DBS PayLah! – Just pay me in cash on Saturday before class starts.

Today’s article is again on number patterns – something that I tried to avoid, but realised many of you are PON and/or UCMHP students, and have been trained to look simply at number patterns as clues to a person’s traits. I want to teach you a practical and effective way to think, analyse, and profile a chart beyond number patterns!

Let’s begin with the 1-4-3 pattern that someone tried to search for an answer this week. My first thought about the 1-4-3 pattern – it sounded like the “pay 1 for 3” persuasive shopping phrase, i.e., pay for one item and get two same items for free. That’d generate a wonderful “save money” feeling for bargain hunters. To some people, they could relate the spending actions to cheapskate, thrifty, and stingy traits. And yet, for some others, the first thought of a showy and spendthrift person, and/or someone who spends as if there’s no tomorrow.

Who do you have in mind?

I’m not sure about you, but the first few people that came across my mind was Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp, and Lindsay Lohan.

So, can we say that the 1-4-3 is a spendthrift trait?

In many ways, you can say that. To be exact, the 1-4-3 has another trait that I’ve revealed previously in past articles – selective listening disorder.

Here’s one underlying reason (yes, there’s more than one actually) on the 1-4-3 pattern, i.e., the presence of the number 8. In EON principles, we associated the number 8 to money management and frequently engaged actions, besides the usual “stress” emotions. When you add the numbers together (1+4+3=8), it provided some form of crazy busy actions (and habits) related to money, similar to the “spending money like water” attitude – an idiom about a person regularly spending money without second thoughts. In short, it has the [Self – Plan – Fast = Money or busy spending] vibes – the behaviour, thoughts, and actions of a spendthrift and perhaps, an addicted shopaholic person too.

So far, I’ve shared three traits (spendthrift, selective listening, and shopaholic) that we can co-relate easily to the 1-4-3 pattern (and its sequence variations, like 3-4-1, 4-3-1, etc.). It’s so easy, fun, and amazingly fast to identify the probable traits and then link them to a person’s behaviour or character once you’ve understood how the visual profiling techniques work.

I’ll be sharing even more traits and extra patterns in class this weekend. Of course, I will teach you how to utilise your visual profiling skills to interpret any number pattern on your own.

See you in class this weekend (28-29 Oct 2017)!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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