On Douglas: Social Relationships

I received an email from Douglas recently, inquiring about his ‘long-distance’ relationship with a female friend from Korea. Here’s what Douglas wrote, “Recently, I get to know this Korean girl in a social group. She’s a dancer from a K-pop group. Basically, we hit off very well and communicate well with each other in person. But somehow, when we communicate with each other via kakaotalk (Korean messaging app, like WhatsApp), there’re some communication issues underlying such that the talk isn’t that enthusiastic. However, when we meet up in real life, the enthusiasm and excitement between us were pretty good. Could it be her poor command of English via texting is the root of this problem? I hope to hear some of your views soon.”

I responded to Douglas indicating I will analyse and post a case-study article about his interesting relationship, and wrote, “If you conversed with her in English (which Douglas confirmed in a later email), it might be a poor understanding of English. It might as well be about the apprehension and interpretations of the messages communicated.

Let’s check on Douglas’ friend’s EON chart. For convenience, I’ll address her as Kimi.

There are multiple sets of 4-8-3 and 8-4-3 patterns which we could generally associate them to poor EQ and communication problem with people up front. As these patterns reside in the father’s sector of the chart, it could also imply Kimi might have faced strained relationships with her daddy, or someone elderly. There are tendency signs it might be to take advantage of her accomplishments and working relationships with her K-pop group, for materialistic gains or boastful “pride.” Because of the lack of tactfulness, her frank (direct) and blunt nature, she might have expended more time over social chatting sites behind the screens, than talking in person with other people.

She might feel extremely emotional and temperamental, and dancing could be one outlet way for her to spread the excess energies through physical exercises (like dancing) and focusing on the dance steps. There are signs Douglas is not the only social friend whom she took on and converse through Kakaotalk. In fact, the signs are suggesting she might have many male friends as well – straights and gays.

The multiple 3s are suggesting Kimi might present herself as a hyperactive and sex-appealing person who has the creative and passionate vibes to attract people to her. Together with the perfectionist attitude, especially during the last year, she’s living in her own world of fancy and reality. Some people might not like her daring, rude, arrogant, and provocative nature, but others could be attracted to her caring and joyful nature too. And for those who are very closed to her, they could often see Kimi as an active woman who portrays extreme mood swings. Love her, hate her, disgusted or jealous with her, or enchanted with her seductive or joyful nature – that’s in her character.

On a side-note… Kimi needs to moderate her consumption of food that’s sweet, and reduce binging on alcoholic drinks, as the signs are suggesting she might have inherited diabetes-like symptoms, if she hadn’t already got it yet. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Five Elements principles, there are signs of “heatiness” which means she might frequently feel dehydrated, and possibly quench her dryness and thirst with alcoholic drinks or smoking. It’d well if she’s not into addicted smoking and alcoholic binge drinking. She should drink more lukewarm water to quench her thirst. Strong Fire and Wood Elements might affect the Metal elements. That, coincidentally, is also her general health symptom, which implies she’s more prone to having an illness or health symptoms relating to the Metal element. For example, Kimi might experience occasional mental stress, depression, worries, anxieties, hyperventilating, and sudden isolation like distancing herself from others. Possibly that could be one stress-releasing way for her to spend time on the Internet and chatting with others.

Like having accidental cuts on hands, fingers, and legs while working, this also implies Kimi needs to be cautious as well, and to be careful when handling sharp metallic objects. She must control and manage her emotions and tempers to avoid aggravating the fiery vibes. Otherwise, this vibes could manifest the bipolar disorder tendencies; the suicidal, emotion, and mood swinging thinking; the unnecessary mental worries that could cause depression and isolation, and as well as the sensitivity and unrealistic feelings.

The Birth Code allows anyone to distinguish the general life purpose of a person, just like the guidelines and mantra that we should adopt to align ourselves to how we want to take charge and control our destiny and life path. Kimi’s Birth Code is suggesting the need to plan and act on her creativeness and passions to inspire others. She must constantly focus on improving her skill sets and knowledge to create a more rewarding, beneficial, and purposeful life ahead. She must consciously be aware and handle her emotions well, as there are signs indicating the potential obstacles and stumbling blocks that other people might impose on her, and the need for her to accept them as challenges and opportunities.

This year (2018), career-wise, there’s the urge for her to be recognised for her dancing and other skill achievements with favourable support at work. Kimi’s Annual Code for this year is suggesting the need for her to plan ahead on what she truly wants to do to build a purposeful career, to improve her skill sets and set (plan and act) the foundations right for happy career growth. Once exercised, she could easily show off her talents through creative and artistic ways.

Douglas mentioned earlier, “Basically, we hit off very well and communicate well with each other in person. But somehow, when we communicate with each other via kakaotalk, there’re some communication issues underlying such that the talk isn’t that enthusiastic.”

Considerably, it takes two hands to clap, and two like-minded people with differing cultural backgrounds to come together to transform the relationship into a happy and enjoyable one. That might be reasons why Kimi could converse with Douglas personally without worrying about proper English context, but not communicate easily through the Kakaotalk messaging app as she might have to pause and ponder over the proper Korean to English translations of what she wants to express and type. We also need to plot the Relationship / Compatibility Chart of Douglas and Kimi, to identify the probable signs that might determine or affect them. I’d covered all these and more, in the second part of this article to be posted soon.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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