Mirror, mirror on the wall… can the chart show me all?

In my book Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling, I mentioned about the “Mirror” numbers. If a birth chart that has a mirror-like effect on the locations IJKL, then this could imply the person may have split or dual personality traits. They can be timid on one day and violent on another. They can be a “macho and yet feminine.” It’s like the birth chart is having two-dimensional layers, with each layer toggling to the top (outward appearance) depending on circumstances.

It is like having two different (and sometimes, extreme) characters living in the same body. Sometimes, others may think the person is constantly experiencing… mood swings.

However, there is “more to it than meets the eye” when looking at a chart with mirrored numbers. Apart from the split in personality, we can also look at the other side of the person.

In fact, we can refer to the Elements-Number relationship table (in the book) to look at the numbers on the other side of the mirror, and gather a new “Reflection” chart.

To change the number in the Mirror chart to the Reflection chart, we simply replace the number with another number.

You will then be able to identify more traits of the person once you have their Reflection chart. Occasionally, the differences between the traits in the Life chart and the Reflection chart are obvious. Sometimes, the root number of both Life and Reflection charts are of the same element, except the numbers are different. This could also imply the person may have both the Yin and Yang characteristics. The behaviours include gay-like tendencies, cross-dressings, and tone of voice – talk softly (for man) or loud (for woman).

However, it doesn’t mean everyone with such charts will be like that. Again, it all depends on the social environment and influences, family upbringings, moral values, and habits.

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