What’s with Mel Gibson lately?

Apart from Lindsay Lohan, the other celebrity making reporters and court officials busy this year is Mel Gibson. What’s with Gibson this year? Why is he ranting, screaming, snarling, and acting strangely lately?

Apart from unfounded rumours about him, let us look at his Birth chart and find out whether we can identify any clue to his behaviours, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Gibson is experiencing a “Double Effect” year. The 1-2-3 number combination is also present. This could possibly imply becoming ‘extra’ arrogant this year. The double set of 5-7-3 present in both Birth and PY2010 charts could also implied court case – the domestic-violence probe by the police.

In addition, the Universal Year number for 2010 is 3 (Fire). This further strengthened the already strong Fire element in his charts.

Gibson had his last “Double Effect” year in 2001. According to Wikipedia, Gibson was scheduled to direct Robert Downey, Jr. in a Los Angeles stage production of Hamlet in January 2001, but Downey’s drug relapse ended the project. This could possibly be due to the negative energies resulting from the strong Fire element again.

The “Double Whammy” effects are not the only clue we can easily identify.

There are still some more. One of them that I have identified may not be obvious to many of you. In fact, I highlighted the negative effects in a recent article. That could have triggered his excessive emotions, raging tempers, stress, and hurting others while venting off his “fiery steam”.

Did you notice the presence of

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Every little irritation would trigger the arrogant and forceful nature.

Gibson could learn to control his food intake, watch his diet, and cut down on alcoholic drinks (and smoking) if he wants a healthier life. Changing his eating and drinking habits could minimise the possibility of getting diabetes and high cholesterol, as well as other negative health symptoms associated to Wood and Fire elements.

Regards, Ron


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