When Thoughts Rule the Mind…

A few days ago, Jacky sent me the details of a person who committed suicide in 2007.  She wants to know how to identify the probable causes or circumstances that lead to Jaesen’s death.

Let us look at Jaesen’s Personal Year 2007 (PY2007) chart, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

At first glance, the presence of multiple sets of number 7 is obvious and these could imply the Water element is strong. In the Five Elements theory, Water is also associated to the thoughts.

In his book “Messages from Water and the Universe”, Dr. Masaru Emoto explained how our thoughts affect our bodies and our world. And since we are mainly made up of water, our minds and bodies react to our thoughts.

Dr. Emoto’s emphasis on water affecting our thoughts reinforced the Five Elements theory that water does influence our thoughts.

When Water is strong, the thoughts run wild. In 2007, Jaesen may be thinking wild – from sensual thoughts to moneymaking thoughts to get fast money.

When there is too many 7s, the sensual vibes are high. There may be relationship problems. To continue the social activities and lifestyle, the need for more money is necessary.

When the 5-7-3 or 7-5-3 appears in your Personal Year chart, it doesn’t always mean you are the one being sued in a contractual disagreement. In fact, you can also be the one suing the other party for breach of agreement. Remember, it’s all about contractual disagreements, to the extent of losing money.

I suspected Jaesen’s death could be related to relationships or money issues. My intuition tells me that it may be both.

I replied to Jacky and mentioned the probable causes – relationships or money (contract, debt, loan sharks?). She then replied and said it’s probably money. According to her, Jaesen thought he had discovered a major flaw in the Operating System installed on popular phones, and initiated a lawsuit against the phone manufacturer. He thought he could make fast money. In the end, he lost the case and had to pay for the legal fees and damages. His defeat could have resulted in heavy debts. To “end it all and close the case”, Jaesen committed suicide and died.

Let us recap on the elemental aspects...

When Water is strong, the thoughts run wild. When Water is strong, it strengthens the Wood which is associated to emotions. As mentioned in previous articles, when Wood is strong, the emotional temptation to “end all sufferings” is high. For Jaesen, committing suicide is his way to end it all. But his death created even more problems – grieves and sufferings for his parents and family.

When our thoughts and emotions run wild, it is always important to think rational and stay focused. It is important and essential for our own mental health to learn how to relax. Taking up meditation is important in today’s modern world. It is no longer the age-old myth that meditation is more for religious and spiritual purposes.

In modern world where stress and depressions are common these days, meditation does help heal our minds and thoughts by calming us down, in a healthy and positive way.

In Jacky’s first email, she mentioned Jaesen committed suicide after moving house from Tampines to Woodlands in Singapore. Was Jaesen’s suicidal action influenced by bad Feng Shui?

Some Feng Shui practitioners would positively say that Jaesen’s suicidal action was because of bad Feng Shui. To them, everything can be “attuned” by applying the correct Feng Shui cures to harmonise the energies around the house.

Is that so? Can Feng Shui really be THE ONE & ONLY method to manifest the good energies?

I will discuss how we can use my Elements of Numbers method to complement a Feng Shui house audit in a separate article.

Remember, manifestation of positive thoughts and energies comes from within you!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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