Unde$irable Thoughts on David Chaytor’s Mind

Today’s case study is on David Chaytor, the former British Labour Party politician who pleaded guilty to charges of false accounting and was sentenced to jail by the court.  Click this Wikipedia link for more information on Chaytor.

Before we look at Chaytor’s birth chart, can you remember the number patterns that may influence a person’s thoughts about money and material wealth? Do you know which number?

If the correct number comes to you within seconds, then you must have done your homework and have been digesting my previous articles. If you’re unsure at first, don’t worry too much. Try to read up on my earlier articles posted here since the day I launched this site around mid-June 2010. The earlier postings provide a gradual transformation of the EON lessons as your knowledge and experiences improve.

Now, let’s look at Chaytor’s birth chart and find out how much we can gather from the charts, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

The first visual that comes to my mind is the presence of 1-5-6 number combinations. Check out the topic “The ‘Flexible’ Number 5” on Page 155 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I have explained the possible areas of concern, and potential pitfalls especially when 1-5-6 becomes 1-6-6.  Do check out the book if you have not already done so.

If you have a similar chart or knows someone who has similar chart, it doesn’t necessary means the person is always thinking of money or feeling dissatisfied the money they receive is always “not enough.” As mentioned in my book and in previous articles posted, a person’s thoughts can be influenced by their experience, family upbringing, social and business friends and habits.

A person who has many number 6 in their chart does not necessary imply they are always ‘cheating’ others of money. They can be exposed to money every day. They may be working as front-line cashier or bank teller, and handling cash transactions daily. They don’t siphon the money because of their firm, moral principles.

However, there is a real problem when additional 6 (one or more) comes in to a particular year. The thoughts of money become stronger, and the urge to make more money is greater than usual. And to make the matter worst, every one of us do have a Personal Month and Personal Day number vibrations as well. And when 6 is present too, the song “Money, Money, Money” sang by ABBA says it all.  It is difficult to ignore the thoughts that with easy money, “it’s a rich man’s world.”

“No, No”, some of you may say. “Ah, I’ll just do it once. No one knows anyway,” says some others. When the negative influences overrule the moral thoughts, it’s up to the person’s mind control whether to stay straight, or step aside and enjoy life while they can.

The double sets of 2-4-6 [Talk-Plan-Money] are present in Chaytor’s PY2009 chart. The urge to make more money is there as there are too many 6s present in his Birth chart and PY2009 chart. When money comes in easily without much hard work or effort, the urge to spend more unnecessary is strong. So the money also rolls out fast as indicated by the 6-6-3 combination.

The close proximity of the 5, 7 and 3 numbers in Chaytor’s PY2010 chart further strengthen the presence of the 5-7-3 number combination in his birth chart. The tendency to get involved in a legal suit or lose money is high. On 3 December 2010, Chaytor pleaded guilty to the fraud charges. The court sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment on 7 January 2011.

Unfortunately for Chaytor, he succumbed to the negative external influences. When one falls, it is important to learn to stand up quickly and move on with their life. At times like this, what’s important for Chaytor is his health and family bonding.  He needs to take care of his heart (cardiovascular) and respiratory (immune), and try to stay calm and relax to avoid aggravating further mental and emotional stress.

Chaytor would be facing the “Double Effect” energies in 2012. Will there be more lawsuits and lost of money for him in 2012? It’s up to him whether he wants to experience a “Double Whammy” or “Double Blessing” effect. He must take action to transform the positive energies into a “Double Blessing”, and restore the confidence and support of others.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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