Slice of Colours: Personalities & Vibes


I was at a local bookstore the other night, 30 minutes before closing time. As usual, I’d browse through books that could spur me to do more research to improve my Elements of Numbers (EON) method.  I picked up one book and without hesitant took a snapshot of the book cover. The impelling book cover and title “Slice of Colours: Personalities & Vibes” attracted my attention. My intuitive senses told me this book could come handy for many EON users.

Slice of Colours: Personalities & VibesI’ve conducted several EON WORKSHOP sessions, sharing the extended EON techniques to the students. I’ve included the picture imagining and visualisation method to allow students associate the traits of the Five Elements.

In every workshop, at least one student would asked if we could ‘balance’ or ’harmonise’ the weaker vibes (like the “missing” numbers) by using colours.Yes, why not,” I’d tell them. “But we should not be obsessed using colours as external “cures” without focusing on the true purpose of our intent – the real need for us to change our mindsets, perspectives, behaviours, habits, and actions.”

Colours do have subtle influences on you. Colours and its vibes can create healing effects on you. Colours and its vibes can also create ill-effects on you too, when you unconsciously manifest it. It’s important to understand colours and identify its influence on your subconscious thoughts, personality and behaviours. Many Feng Shui professionals would encourage the use of colours (like clothings, paintings, curtains, walls, and symbolic ornaments) to improve certain vibes and energies in specific locations of the house, office, and outdoors.

I quickly flipped through the colourful pages.  I noticed the book introduces the spectrum of colours including the Yin and Yang colours (black and white) and highlighted the characteristics and traits associated to each of the colour. I realised I could easily associate the meanings of the colours to the elements and numbers in my EON methods. “This is a “must-have” book for EON users. It could complement the Five Elements method that I’ve taught at the EON WORKSHOP sessions,” I told myself.

There was a short sentence printed on the book, “Complementary book to the ‘Elements of Numbers’ method.” I felt this “Slice of Colours” book is equally useful for students who’d attended the Power of Numbers (PON) and Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM) course. The inquisitive reader can learn the different personalities and traits of a person through colours. And for EON users, there’s reference of the colours to the numbers. The book also highlights how we can identify potential vibes of the colours on us periodically, by checking on the Year, Month and Day charts. The book also explains how we can associate and identify the colour vibes coming from the Universal and Personal charts.

Ding-Dong,” I could hear the sound from the speaker followed by a recorded voice. “We’re closing in 5 minutes…

I quickly turned to look at the sales counter and there was a long queue. “I must buy this book tomorrow,” I told myself. I put down the book back on the shelf and took a glimpse at the author’s name printed on the book cover – RON WZ SUN.  The name surely looks familiar.

RR-Ring…I was suddenly awoken by the alarm sound on my phone.

I soon realised I’d a wonderful dream, a dream that I could LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and smile. It was a colourful and vibrant dream that created the subconscious passion in me to transform the vision into reality. The vivid vision, where people are reading the “Slice of Colours” book to learn and use colours to strengthen their personality traits and appeal.

But for now, it was just a wonderful dream…


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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