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Shehar is a practising graphologist in Indonesia and is also a certified behavioural analyst familiar with the human behavioural profiling methods using DISC, MBTI, Jung, and Kersey. She has read Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers book and found it interesting, but somewhat restrictive as she felt the need to memorise patterns of numbers without clear explanation to support the observations.

Shehar’s sudden interest to extend her passion in numbers brought her to chance on my web-blog. She found my articles more engaging and wrote, “I have more than 15 years of experience using DISC personality model which was based on Hippocrates thesis about 4 humour that regulate person’s character and behaviour. But when I studied oriental philosophy I feel curious because they stated there are 5 elements that regulate person’s character and behaviour.  This is an entry point for me to learn more about numbers. And I feel supported when I found EON methods that you’ve developed.”

I’m happy to have Shehar’s support, and am grateful she’s bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” direct. Thanks Shehar for the support!

Being a human behavioural professional, it is natural for Shehar to be find out how others profile her through complementary profiling methods without the usual “multiple-choice questions (MCQ)”. She provided her birthdate and asked, “If you would, please comment about career match and health issues I probably have through EON method.”

My first book introduces the fundamentals of the elements and numbers, providing users the means to know more about their personality quickly. Shehar could easily correlate her EON case-study observation with her experiences on DISC and other methods. Eventually, she could apply the EON technique to extend to her profiling analysis on customers and identify tendency traits even before analysing the ‘MCQ’ test using DISC and other profiling methods she’s familiar with.

Let’s start analysing Shehar’s chart. Oh, I’ll leave out the common personality traits as you can check out the traits in my book. I’ll focus briefly on using the extended methods of EON to highlight some of the techniques taught at my EON WORKSHOP sessions.

CaseStudy_SheharShehar’s chart suggested a person who is responsible but busy and stressful, who often think of getting success through more creative means. Her intuitive feelings are strong, and at times, her “spiritual senses” are high. She should not let her “receptive to the negative vibes” distract her from focusing on the more humane tasks to profile others and help them become a better person. Having the creative and intuitive vibes does help her in her current job.

Becoming more humble, empathetic, and the willingness to balance her emotional thoughts could manifest more positive vibes, further strengthening her career goals.

Besides the subconscious urge to plan her goals for success, there is a need for her to take care of her health. There are tendency signs suggesting high blood sugar level. Even if Shehar has no diabetic symptoms and her blood sugar level is currently normal, she should try to cut down on sugary food/drinks and carbohydrates; and consuming less fatty or oily stuff that may affect the cholesterol level.

Material gains and rewards are nothing without true happiness, sharing of laughter and joy to others. That’s what she needs to do, by keeping her emotions and unnecessary worries in control to minimise creating conflicts and straining relationships with others, including family members, relatives, and customers.

There are multiple sets of 9s in her PY2013 chart. The tendency to be ‘perfect’ and the urge to aim high to achieve higher success may be felt, subconsciously or consciously in her mind. “More haste, less speed.” Though success may come easily this year, she should not be too complacent and forgot her roots. Doing more humanitarian or charitable acts would help dilute the negative vibes (like greed) from manifesting in her thoughts. Spending more time with her family members is equally important this year. Practicing meditation or calming exercises would benefit her and calm the negative thoughts.

Whatever it is, she can look forward to monetary gains coming from overseas, including neighbouring cities in Indonesia.

Shehar may feel confident with her strong knowledge to pursue her career goals. However, she has to strive harder to promote her abilities and expertise to others and reach out to them if she wants to attain the success needed.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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