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This article “Lithium greatly reduces suicide risk: study” came handy as I can explain the use of the Five Elements and show how you can apply them in your profiling analysis using the Element of Numbers (EON) method.

The article hyped on the benefits like “The mood-stabilising drug lithium reduces suicide risk by more than 60 per cent among people with depression…” It’s a useful drug as over 60% of people can control their suicidal thoughts. That’s good, isn’t it?  But the irony is, people taking this drug could expose themselves to “higher risk of kidney and thyroid problems and weight gain.” While these people could potentially cure their short-term suicidal thoughts, they are also potentially creating more health problems in the long-term. Eventually, there is a lifelong medical expense on separate drugs to control their kidney, thyroid, and weight gain problems.

BANNER5I thought it was interesting to share my observation here. It has nothing to do with the conspiracy theories and debates on western medicine and alternative medicine.

The benefits and side effects of this Lithium drug were so obvious after I applied the Five Elements concept. And that was my intent to share this quick finding with you here as I want to help you expand your profiling knowledge.

The article mentioned, “Lithium has long been prescribed to treat unipolar disorder (also called clinical depression) and bipolar disorder (manic depression).” A quick check on a Wikipedia page reveals that Lithium is “a soft, silver-white metal belonging to the alkali metal group of chemical elements.” This means we can associate Lithium to the Metal element.

Numbers & HealthI’ve posted articles on suicidal tendencies on this web-blog. I’ve also mentioned the presence of numbers 4 (and 9) in a person’s Birth and Personal Year charts could trigger such suicidal thoughts. In the Elements of Numbers (EON), we can associate the numbers 4 and 9 to the Wood element.

The use of the Lithium drug to control suicidal thoughts is similar to the applications of the “Five Elements Controlling Cycle” – strong Metal controls Wood. Please refer to Pages 85-116 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” on the “Elemental Cycles.”

On Page 113 of my book, I wrote strong Metal can exhaust and weaken the Earth element. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), an imbalance in Earth element could cause digestive and systemic issues, stomach problems, and weight gains.

Strong Metal can strengthen the Water element. An imbalanced Water element could cause urinary and kidney problems. In TCM, we can associate hypothyroidism to deficiency in kidney energy.

The same article reported that “Doctors have to continuously monitor the lithium blood levels of patients to prevent an overdose, the symptoms of which include dizziness, seizures or heart problems.” And on Page 113 of my book, I wrote, “Strong Metal can repel and counter-attack a weak Fire element.” We can associate the heart, blood vessels, and bipolar disorder to the Fire element. Click on this link to read more on Fire and bipolar disorders.

Sample slides used for the EON WORKSHOP sessionsBesides the number traits, you can also associate health conditions in a person’s chart by identifying the elemental traits present in relations to the Five Elements principles. Once you’ve picked up this foundation, I believe you’d be able to identify other health conditions in a person’s chart quickly.

I’m aware many people are still unfamiliar with the Five Elements and how we can apply it to the EON method. It is important for you to understand the Five Elements, the elemental cycles, and its characteristic associations to the numbers. That is why I started the first lesson at my EON WORKSHOP on the Five Elements concept, and explained how we can easily and quickly associate the elements to the traits and characteristics of a person using visual slides.

Many students who’d attended the Power of Numbers (PON) courses conducted by other trainers may find it difficult to apprehend and understand how they can apply the Five Elements to their PON profiling analysis. If you’re one of these PON students, it is beneficial to attend this Saturday’s 8th EON WORKSHOP on 6 July 2013. I’ll show you how you can quickly associate the Five Elements in personality and life path profiling.  And I’ll show you how quickly you can expand your profiling knowledge beyond numbers.

EON_Workshop_PhotosDo let McCoy know if you’re attending the workshop this Saturday as he needs to check on seats availability as the classroom is small. You can check with McCoy by calling his mobile 8356-0179.

See you this weekend!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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