Missing Number 8

elements“I wonder if our weak element rather than our missing ones affect us more when we’re alive?,” Kumar asked in his recent email to me.

The ‘Missing Number‘ does not imply the number or element is missing in your chart. You don’t lack all attributes – traits and characteristics – associated to that element. In TCM, it just means there is deficiency in one of your body organs – the element is weak in your chart.  There is a likelihood you may suffer from health conditions associated to the element if you don’t manage and control your health carefully. The good news… all you can do is to work a little harder to reinforce the positive attributes of that ‘weak‘ element to harmonise and balance the energies in you.

Numbers & HealthWhen an element is weak, you’re exposed to the negative influences of other stronger elements. For example, if you have weak Water element, your kidney may be affected when strong Wood is present. And when you have strong Metal element in your chart, the vibes may also affect your kidney. By the way, you can check on Chapter 3 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” on the Five Elements. You can find out how elements interact and influences other stronger or weaker elements.

“Thanks, no wonder my stomach and bowels often give me problems,” said Kumar after receiving my reply. Kumar’s weak element is number 8 (Fire). In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), weak Fire may creates health conditions like bowels and digestive problems. A person with weak Fire may talk softly partly because of the lack of fire essence (Qi) in their body.

BANNER5A person with missing number 8 must focused on their responsibilities to complete their tasks – to achieve the result – instead of moving around strategising (and planning) on what else they can do. The lack of focus (missing 8) can create unnecessary stress and tempers on a person unless they control and manage their expectations right, especially when there is number 8 present in their Personal Year chart. It’s like “suddenly the Fire is strong and lively” and because of it’s ‘sudden availability‘, there is a likelihood the person may manifest the negative traits. It’s like many people living their wildest dreams and splurging on non-essential items after winning the million-dollar lottery game. And often, the sudden wealth could manifest the negative traits and  the person you know is ‘no longer the same person whom you thought you knew all along.’

When the number 8 is present in Kumar’s PY2013 chart, the strength and ability to focus on his visions become clearer. He could be able to identify his goals and know what he needs to do.

789_MentalStageThe number 8 falls into ‘mental and completion‘ stage. This last stage is where fruition comes about to those who acted upon it correctly at suitable time. In short, it means the person must consciously take action to complete their tasks, as otherwise they may not see the result at all or getting less satisfactory outcome. Kumar must take action to carry out his plans now to transform his dreams and visions into reality when the positive energies (of number 8) are around.

I’ll be explaining the ‘mental and completion’ stage at the forthcoming 10th EON WORKSHOP session on 11th January 2014. [Updated News: Workshop rescheduled to 25th Jan 2014] Do register with McCoy at 8282-6593 now if you haven’t done so. I’ll show how you can group the nine numbers into 3 main stages through compelling visual slides and explanations. You can learn to apply the knowledge to extend your annual profiling on a person by looking at their Personal Year (PY) charts.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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