Run For Hope 2014 – The Run for Cancer Research


While many Singaporeans and foreigners staying in Singapore are either sleeping or relaxing on a nice beautiful Sunday morning, more than 10,000 people met at the Marina Promontory before 7am this morning with a common purpose. Their mission – to participate in Run for Hope 2014.

Yes, I’m one of the over 10,000 people at the Marina Promontory early this morning eagerly waiting for The Run for Cancer Research event to start. I’d a great time too, besides enjoying the beautiful sunrise and enjoying the view of the Marina Bay Sands around 6:30am.

Pix_MarinaI’ve shared some observations at previous EON WORKSHOPS and FEN (Five Elements Numerology) COURSES on the cancer signs. I used visual pattern analysis with much help from my earlier EON software. I noticed people with certain features in their EON charts have a higher tendency to manifest the cancerous cells than others. I’ve also shown case study slides to the class on how they can identify such patterns. Besides identifying the cancer tendencies, there are other health conditions that I’ve noticed, compiled, and shared with my students

CaseStudy_JoanLundenPopular celebrity Joan Lunden was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer in June this year. According to the TODAY online article, Joan “found strength from the overwhelming gratitude she’s received from people on social media and her website,’s always great to bless others and be blessed by others.

A quick check on Joan’s EON chart shows the ‘cancer tendency’ pattern is present. She has a higher tendency to manifest the cancerous cells than others.

Like any predictive observation, preventive measures are necessary to reduce the manifestation from happening. It is important to find out if your cancerous tendencies are strong. You need to act healthily and holistically to prevent the cancerous cells from manifesting. While we hope for a better cure for cancer, you must remember healthy living starts from within.

Know your EON chart and identify the health attributes early. Take precaution and live a better life tomorrow.

To all those with cancer, don’t give up Hope. Stay strong. Feel strong. Act strong. Remain strong.

Happy Living. Enjoy your Beautiful Sunday ahead…


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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