Numerological Predictive Observations 2015

forecastHappy New Year Greetings to All.

There are many exciting events awaiting and while you prepare yourself to enjoy the good treats, take a conscious effort to take care of the ‘not-so-positive’ spikes that may come your way. Below is the “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” graphic image to highlight key events that might happen in 2015. Click the image for a larger view.

EONinvest2Investment. Oil and natural gases will continue to be the ‘debating’ focus influencing stock prices this year because of the presence of the elements and numbers (including the hidden patterns) of 2015 (2=Liquid, 1=Metal/Oil, 5=Challenges/Obstacles, 8=Fire/Sparks). There is a likelihood of stock prices swinging strongly like a raging bull. Just like a wild forest fire, it could spread furiously fast when there are strong wind (through behavioural and speculative investing). Investors with stocks involving properties, oil and natural gases/energies, and metals (gold, silver, copper) may see rising stock prices at the opportune time, perhaps during mid-Year to Sept.  Like the rollercoaster-ride (going up and down) and smothering heat of the fire, investors must prepare for high profits volatility and sudden price drops occasionally. Therefore, proper planning and forecast is needed for better profits. And for those who’re willing to ride the tide looking for longer-term investment, they may be rewarded as the next year (2016) shows a more favourable tendencies on certain industries.

HiddenPatternsBusiness. Companies concentrating on food-supply chains, constructions, mining and oil/energy, and eye care industries may experience sales temperature level rising. The cash registers may also be ringing for companies providing diamond, glasswares, and crystal manufacturing, services, and supporting industries. There might be slow-but-increasing awareness on alternate energies (like wind and solar energies). The good news – there are signs of wider acceptance and strong impulse trends towards reviewing using alternative energies around the last quarter of this year and in 2016.

Nature. Apart from the usual earthquakes, there might be a possibility of volcanoes erupting spewing up hot lava in fiery movements seldom seen or reported before.  The recent Kilauea, Popocatepetl, and Holuhraun volcano eruptions are just the beginning and strong signal of the elements and hidden patterns present in 2015. There may be heightened events happening in Central Asia and perhaps new ancient Middle-Earth discoveries.

CaseStudy_Singapore2015Economy (Singapore). Singapore is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2015. From the country’s PY2015 chart, there are tendencies signs (8-8-7) suggesting endless activities scheduled for the year. The likelihood of better financial and economic prospects are strong and these could be contributed by focused goal settings and directions drafted by corporate policymakers and the government.

Economy (Global). There could be similar effect of stressful and relentless activities happening around the world. There are tendency signs suggesting stressful moments of riots, protests and demonstrations that may inevitably resulted in unwarranted use of firearms and security weapons. The number of people injured as a result and the consequential incidents of emotional tensions and unrest could increase. There are tendency signs suggesting such incidents could arise mainly in the West, Central, and South regions.

Gambling and financial investment are among the increasing trends and if not properly controlled, could lead to financial loss, broken families, thefts and corruptions (including fraud and money laundering) cases.

BANNER5Health. 2015 will see more fresh gastronomic meals introduced and more people hungry for exotic and overseas/foreign food. Such indulgence when not properly managed could lead to unhealthy symptoms when the person do not take care of their health. What this means is there might be an increasing number of people suffering from stomach related diseases and health conditions, including cancerous tendencies and muscle-related symptoms. There might be more cases of people suffering from inflammations of the lungs probably caused by smoking, excessive binge-drinking, drugs consumptions, and exposure to passive smoking. These could indirectly increases mental-health and eye problems, including stroke-like symptoms and mental madness (including bipolar conditions), and eye-related conditions. There is a possibility of increasing promotions and awareness of CANCER preventions and health care.

Workplace Safety. People working in construction sites and/or exposure to construction, productions, factories, and engineering environment needs to take care of their health. Always practice safe working attitudes and stop the ‘it will never happen to me’ mindsets. There might be increasing cases of accidents involving fire, scaffolding or metal objects collapsing, and earth movements (like breaking of foundations, mining, cave-ins). There are tendency signs suggesting injuries could also be caused by sharp objects. We can prevent workplace accidents from happening. Regulatory enforcements, safety awareness and prevention talks, periodic checks by safety officials, and not forgetting individual’s safe working attitudes could prevent the workplace accident statistics from rising.

Influencing VibesIndividuals. More people could experience health symptoms similar to gastric flu, ulcer (stomach and mouth), stomach acid reflux, and heartburns. More women may experience hot flushes too. One more thing… the ‘lose-to-win’ mindsets are strong and more people are taking actions to lose weight or stay fit. These means increasing physical exercises and surge in sales of dietary food and weight-loss products. There are signs suggesting more people may opt for cosmetic surgical operations (like cosmetic surgery and liposuction) to improve their physical outlook. At the extreme end, it means more people may suffer from anorexic-like symptoms.

There might be increasing signs of people getting hot- and quick-temper easily, and could lead bipolar tendencies and mental phobias at the extreme end. These could lead to more domestic violence at homes and broken families. There could also be increasing awareness and searches for knowledge on metaphysics, holistic lifestyle pursuits (including meditations and yoga), techno-arts and creativity programmes, and ’scientific’ discoveries.

HappyNewYear2While you continue to take charge of your life and live the way you want, remember to keep a good holistic health this year. Stay calm, and control your temper. Meditate whenever possible. Share the good feelings around. Start your financial plans and enrich your experience to prepare yourself for more exciting and positive opportunities this year and especially in 2016.

May You Enjoy Happier, Successful, and Healthier Times this Year!!!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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