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“I bought your book ‘Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling’ and have been reading it. I am impressed by your writings as they are rather informative. I even read your blog to know more about the art of numerology,” Laurel wrote in her recent email to me. “Can the compatibility chart be used for gay and lesbian couple?”

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, there is no strict rules on the use of the Relationship Compatibility chart. In fact, you can use it to check on the ‘relationship’ of two people for love, friendship, or even as business partners and for corporate joint ventures. If you have registered and installed my FEON+ software, you can analyse the relationship and compatibility of up to 4 people. You can even check the compatibility of a political person’s current periodic vibes against the country’s chart. Simply put, as long you have the birthdate of anybody (like different people, siblings, parent-children, customer-vendor) and anything (like country, company’s registrations), you can do a relational analysis easily. I’ve developed FEON+ software and use it for my own profiling and analysis. I’ve released the software to allow you to use it as well. I believe you can improve your profiling skills through regular use of FEON+ software. You can focus on key information displayed instantaneously on your smartphone without wasting time manually plotting the charts.

Yes, you can use the EON method to analyse compatibilities of people belonging to the LGBT (lesbian, gays, bisexual, and transgender) community.  There’s no difference in the analytical approach between two partners.

Laurel wrote, “My parents objected me for being homosexual but right now, they still object and never talked about it any more. This year (2014) I also got a new relationship with a girl whom I started dating last year (2013). We like each other but we always quarrelling in the beginning over many things. I almost want to give up because our personality clash! Especially when comes to communication, seemed like she don’t get what I mean and I don’t get what she mean.”

Instead of jumping straight to the Relationship Chart between Laurel and her partner, I’ve decided to share some observations on their individual characteristics first. So for today’s article, I’ll be focusing on some key traits present in Laurel’s EON chart. If you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, you can also buy my book at major Singapore bookstores like Kinokuniya, Times, and selected Popular outlets.

CaseStudy_LaurelLet’s take a look at Laurel’s EON chart now.  Noticed the presence of 3-7-1 and 8-4-3 in her PY2014 chart?  I’ve shared with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students many extended patterns in class. I’ve explained the underlying issues with the 3-7-1 pattern on a person’s chart. It doesn’t matter if the pattern is present in a person’s birth chart or periodic chart. It could trigger signs like communication breakdown and disagreement between that person and someone else.

We can view the 8-4-3 as signs of strained relationship. Whether there is any disputes, separation, divorce, or break-ups mainly depend on the person’s behaviours and actions.

The 3-7-1-8-4-3 patterns denote stressing moments and tensions between Laurel and her partner in 2014. This year (2015) there are tendency signs suggesting the ‘extra’ patience, tolerations, and often again, the stressful times Laurel could feel when trying to tolerate (and be accommodative to) her partner’s views and behaviours. There are signs suggesting mental stress too and unnecessary worries. Laurel should let nature takes its course and not stressed herself too emotional and mentally.

Loss_of_DirectionsHer Root 5 could suggest (on the hard side) the tendencies of a person who’s principled-minded, ‘been-there-done-that’ attitude, stubborn, proud, easily distracted, and rigid (like a hard rock or boulder). On a mellow side, it could denote knowledge sharing, pride but not arrogant, flexible (changes, adaptable, freedom fighter), and soft (like clay). They (tend to) analyse issues with their hearts, and that could be a ‘stumbling block’ when it comes to making fast and firm decisions.

The 3-2-5 [Fast-Talk-Stubborn] with other numbers present in her chart could denotes a quick-temper, hastily talking and stubborn person who might selectively prefer to hear the ‘good things’ than anything else. They should learn to ‘untie the knot’ in their hearts and widen their minds. Be more empathetic, listen, and accept other people’s opinions as helpful views. There are many ways to look at a problem – different people can have differing views when analysing an issue from different perspectives.

HiddenPatternsI’m aware some profiling trainers have assumed certain patterns in a person’s chart could suggest confirmed homosexual traits. I noticed that was an inconclusive observations as there are so many external influencing factors that might affect a person’s thoughts, behaviours, habits, and actions.  The homosexual tendencies could be present but it’s not a confirmed sign the person is 100% homosexual. It all depends on family upbringing, education and environment, and social influences. That is why identifying the homosexuality traits of a celebrity person is easier and often different from a layperson with normal social lifestyle habits.

I’m glad Laurel is willing to disclose her homosexuality and provided the birthdates. It’s easy to analyse the birthdates of celebrities who’re gay or lesbians. However as these people lives a high-profile social lifestyle, the gender influences are stronger than a normal layperson. If you know of anyone from the LGBT community and have their birthdates, email me (SunTzu2796@gmail.com) their details as I’d like to compile more data for future LGBT profiling research.

AnnualCodeThere are other strong signs present in Laurel’s chart that shows ‘tomboyish’ traits. We cannot assume Laurel would be a tomboy forever as it depends on the influencing vibrations in her. Oh, the periodic vibes (like the Personal Year energies) could somehow contributed to the manifested energies. In the Five Elements, there are both Yin’ and ‘Yang’ traits present in an element. This means there are ‘feminine traits’ present in a male person, and ‘masculine traits’ present in a female person. The gender inclinations and manifestations are through inner beliefs developed during the person’s younger days and social influences. There is a likelihood Laurel’s gender inclinations could have indirectly been influenced from her family (parents) and home/living environment.

EON on Street Smart and Book SmartLaurel is both a street-smart and book-smart person who strong intuitive traits. On health matters, she has to learn to cut down on her sweet tooth and cravings for sweet stuff to prevent the blood sugar level from rising beyond the acceptable level. There are tendency signs suggesting inflammations of the lungs and possible heart-related problems at later years if she don’t take care of her health now. This means cutting down on binge drinking and smoking if she’s indulging on such habits.

That’s all for today’s article. I’ll share key observations on Laurel’s partner in my next article, including Laurel’s relationship with her last year (2014) and this year (2015).


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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