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Michelle wanted to know more about her luck and how she can improve herself. She had two failed marriages and her husband was involved in adultery incident. She wanted to know if her third marriage would last.

KnowingPatternsLet’s look at Michelle’s chart using Technical Analysis (TA) method to identify the probable traits associated to known number patterns. She has many good vibes present in her chart. The number patterns like 9-6-6 [Success-Money-Money], 6-9-6 [Money-Success-Money], 6-3-9 [Money-Fast-Success], 3-3-6 [Fast-Fast-Success], and 1-8-9 [Alone-Stress-Success] are all positive and encouraging ones. Why isn’t Michelle having better quality lifestyle when the number patterns in her charts are all looking so positive and strong? From TA viewpoint, it is harder (though not impossible) to identify her negative luck vibes and failed marriages.

What’s exactly do we mean by ‘Life Quality’? In this Wikipedia page, the “Life Quality Index (LQI) is a compound social indicator of human welfare that reflects the expected length of life in good health and enhancement of the quality of life through access to income.” This means that besides good quality of life, Michelle must also have good health and means to improve her life purposes, including her relationship with others.

CaseStudy_MichelleIn my earlier article “Fundamental and Technical Analysis”, I pictured Michelle’s chart as “barren ground like those in Mexico desert, with electrical power tower lines and desert grass around.” Ok, probably not desert grass but more likely it’s ‘malnourished’ and dehydrated short trees.

Let’s look at her chart again, this time using the Fundamental Analysis (FA) method and apply the Five Elements principles. I can see obvious Metal, Wood, and Fire elements. Imagine the dryness, hot and fiery, warm wind and trees. It’s just like picturing a dessert (Fire, 8, 3) with power towers (Metal, 1, 6) and dehydrated trees (Wood, 9). It could imply strong negative vibes because of the dryness and staleness. The numbers 1 and 6 could imply mental stiffness, mental craziness, fear (when metal gets hot, the fear of melting worries her even more), and bluntness. She might have inhibited the self-centric and egoistic ‘big sister’ attitude. She might have the tendency of making herself the center of attention wherever she went.

From Personal Analysis (PA) method, the energies are moving inward against internal impulses (number 1). At the same time, a different set of energies fleeing inward to avoid external threats and outward to avoid internal fears. Because of the inward and outward energy of ‘anxiety and breathlessness’ movement, it makes Michelle even more confused, forceful, distracted, and worrisome.  This could imply unrealistic goal settings and high ‘perfectionist’ expectation in the things she does, and what she would expect of others. Just look at her Time of Birth chart and the Combined Birth Date and Time Chart – the same three elements (Wood, Fire, and Metal) are present.

TakeStockMaterialistic success and empowerment could be her primary aims and that’s what she needs to change if she wants better luck and rapport with others. Michelle has to change her mindset and lower her expectation. In the Five Element’s Productive Cycle principle, the Water and Earth elements are missing in her chart. From TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, there might be health signs related to kidney and lungs, and digestive symptoms. She has to control her mental, temper, and emotions as she’d be facing the ‘Double Effect Year’ in 2016. That means double manifestation of the energies present in her chart – doubled the positive energies, and doubled the negative energies. If she‘s willing to adapt, adjust, and be tolerant towards others, she might transform the energies around her. And at best effort, she might experience the ‘Double Blessing’ effect. However, if she’s not careful about her health, she might face the ‘Double Whammy’ effect. Therefore, it is important for Michelle to take up meditation, yoga or any relaxation exercises to calm her thoughts and emotions. She needs to redirect her idealistic visions and passions toward charitable or humanitarian acts. That might strengthen the nurturing, tolerance, adjustability, and communicative behaviours. She should not rush doing things and expecting fast results. Go with the trend and tide, and let nature take its course. Michelle must learn to let go past resentments and forgive others, widen her perspectives, tolerate, and accept others as they are and not what she wants them to be.

EXTEND1If Michelle wants a better relationship with loved ones, and probably better lasting marriage, then she has to ‘let go’ her ‘bossy nature’ and manifest her graciousness traits. She should give others the chance to love her as an understanding, caring, and thoughtful woman. They will in turn treat her with respect and love her even more.  She might be the ‘homely’ person who prefers staying at home or busy herself with household chores rather than going out with others. Thus that might encourage her then husband to seek alternative entertainment and companionship elsewhere. She might have ‘contributed’ to the failed marriages. As time goes by, the communication drift widened. Enjoy life while she still has the chance and create the opportunity to meet more friends. Anyway, there might be a ‘man’ coming ‘into’ her life now but because of her ‘temperamental’ mood swing, he might have felt stressful and financially strained probably because of unrealistic visions on her part. She can always have a platonic relationship rather than forcing herself to love the man who don’t love her but don’t mind being close friends. That might make her even joyful, happier, and healthier. Michelle has to create her own luck through social networking and involving herself around others, like doing social work or involving in charitable or humanitarian activities. She should direct her excessive visionary traits and competitive spirits toward more meaningful life purpose. She should try to reduce her ‘selective listening’ habits and lend an empathetic ear. For all we know, she might find her loved ones or experienced happier and exciting times while actively involving herself in these social activities.

Diabetic_TendenciesMichelle has to cut down on oily and sugary food. There are unhealthy signs in her charts suggesting she might be fall within the ‘high-risk group’ of people having diabetic, cholesterol and hypertension tendencies. She has strong intuition and instinctive traits, and if she’s not holistically strong enough, she might experience negative spiritual senses. She might have problems sleeping soundly too especially this year.

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nsq_sampleI’ll be conducting the second NSQ PROFILING session soon. I know it’d be useful to share some complementary traits from NSQ perspectives. The Planning and Intellect Arrows are present, suggesting a person who has strong action-driven and intellectual traits. But the down-to-earth humbleness, spirituality, responsible and emotional balance traits are missing. There is little willpower or unsustainable determination in her. This could imply Michelle might often feel bored midway after embarking on a project. The ‘Behavioural Impulse’ sign in her NSQ chart suggest strong sense of gut feelings and actions based on how she feels toward others. This means biased preferences at times that might agitate other people. With the number 9s in her EON chart, it implies she might have created unfriendly competitive vibes among her social life. She might experience stressing challenges and obstacles often.

She should not be forceful and want things done her way. Instead, as mentioned earlier, Michelle has to learn to embrace the joy of love and caring, and take action to be part of other people’s social circle. Treat others with respect and they will, in turn, respect her and recognise many of her successful visions and foresights.

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