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Public perceptions and personal sentiments can often get distorted, infused, confused, and contradicted. Take the case of USA Presidential Election held on 8 Nov 2016 – many online media sites expected that Hillary Clinton would be the next US President. And we have seen vicious media campaign against Donald Trump, and have read a great deal of articles following out the character assassination on his personality, tax issues, and scandalous behaviours. Perhaps what the Americans want is to experience the day when America becomes great again. To do that requires long-termed visions and planning. And that means… TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE.

ACCURACYOn 31st July 2016, I posted an article “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump” and shared my observations on them – their personalities and vibes that could influence them on the election day. Though I’d mentioned not predicting the winner, there were ample hints for those who could ‘read between the lines.’

Was I right in my forecast? Well, only closed friends knew my answer. I’d encourage you to review the EON fundamentals and information on hand if you predicted Hillary will win.

When forecasting, it’s not about the accuracy level and if your prediction is right. I’ve made correct forecasts, and I’ve also made wrong forecast, and that to me, is normal. No one can claim to make 100% accurate forecast or prediction every time especially when there are external factors involved. It is the substantial information you have at hand that influence your decision-making. That requires understanding the five elements and its interactions and correlations, which could provide extra layers of clues for observations.

My forecast on whether Donald or Hillary will win was simple – the winner would be “the forward-thinking one who could triumph over the person who clings on past resentments.

Let’s revisit the subtle hints I’ve included in my earlier article.

  • It’s like presenting her strategy to resolve or stabilise the current crisis than talking about her hopes and plans to work on the American visions.” The 9-3-3-6-3-9 pattern present in her chart could have somehow influenced her thoughts (and perhaps, her decisions) to prioritise and tackle the short-termed goals, rather than stretching her energies to concentrate on long-termed goals. Her approach might befit specific cases, and that depends upon its relevance and importance. Anyway, we could also associate the 9-3-3-6-3-9 by using basic keyword interpretation, to [Success – Fast – Fast – Power – Fast – Success]. Besides associating the number 6 to money, we could identify them as political power from a political perspective.
  • EDUCATIONNothing matters to her except the success she aspired. Could she be blinded by success and become a victim of her own success, fighting competitively and forgotten about the humility?” From a personal opinion, I think Hillary is a great and capable woman who could get things done. However, from an EON perspective, it presented another scenario. Unless we control our emotions, we could be concentrating on the irrelevant tactics and barking on the wrong tree. Could that be a reason she’s been zeroing in on Donald’s past “misdeeds” and telling others “how bad” he is? Perhaps her approach is common for politicians who’d do everything possible to blemish and destructs their opponent’s reputation and integrity. For the nonpolitical people, unethical tactics, when used too frequently, could create unpleasant feelings of negativity. This could displease others to muddle over what else she can offer aside from talking bad about Donald. If she had concentrated on her short-termed visions and telling others how her plans could create opportunities toward longer-term prospects, there might be more convincing votes for her. That required her to take a bold step forward – change her attitude and perspectives, listen to others and accept differing views, and not let the short-termed goals (9-3-3-6-3-9) influence her thoughts and decisions. No one is a loser until he or she has given up all hope. Hillary is still a winner in her own ways, even though Donald’s the president-elect winner. She can continue to tap on her political experience to help the country through harmonious and empathetic ways.

CaseStudy_DonaldTrumpIt’s all about elements and the associated numbers. And it was easier for me to set aside personal perspectives and analyse their charts from a neutral standpoint by adopting the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. Like a friend commented, “No matter what, he is 70 years old and is a billionaire. He can just sit back and relax right?” And the point is, he isn’t relaxing – he has a mission. The 2-9-2-2-4-6 pattern is creating the charismatic appeal – [Talk – Vision – Talk – Talk – Plan – Stability]. It creates the impression about a person with strong endurance and his relentless driving pursuits for stability, to make America great again.

The other hint was on the [1-3-4-7-5-3] for Hillary, and [3-2-5-7-8-6] for Donald. From another perspective, we could associate the 1-3-4 to “selective listening” and 7-5-3 as legal issues. I’d correlate the “legal issues” to Donald’s tax issues, or her “email” issues. The 7-8-6 is about [Supporter – Stress – Money/Stability], and the need for self-sacrifice attitudes. Donald has that attributes and he has the money. And all he planned to do is to strengthen his country’s stability and greatness. Perhaps many Americans accord with that feelings, and recognises his appealing, forceful, and self-sacrificing attitudes. And putting aside his “past misdeeds.”

casestudy_country_usa2016The next hint – “look at the Day’s chart again, and observe the Universal and Personal Day interactions. Then determine the ultimate outcome in locations P-Q-R.” I’d an instinctive thought at the time when I analysed the charts. It was my first time correlating the ‘periodic pillars‘ (Universal and Personal numbers) with the Day chart. I’ll probably share more insights how I applied this forecasting method in the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. Because of personal priorities, I can only conduct the FEN classes next year.

And now the last hint… I mentioned Donald having a “Double Effect vibe on his PY2016” chart. I suggested if it might lead to a “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” for him. The truth is, he’s not facing a “Double Effect” vibe this year. I hinted in the last paragraph, “there is one important aspects that we should not neglect when forecasting who will be the next president of a country, that is, the need to plot the country’s chart as well.” Now, look at USA’s PY2016 chart – it has the same 2-9-2-2-4-6 pattern as Donald’s PY2016 chart. That means Donald has another set of “Double Effect” vibes. When considering these factors, we can say he’s having a “Triple Effect” year in 2016. And the ‘Triple Blessing” vibes are manifesting!

Finally, if you’re still wondering about my forecast (even after I have elaborated on the hints) up to this stage… it’s Donald Trump. We now know he is “the winner who triumphs” over Hillary with longer-term visions. And we could hear him saying once again, “I did it… My Way.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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