War on Diabetes


Left undetected, untreated or poorly managed, diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and amputations,” said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong in Parliament on 13 April 2016, as reported in the AsiaOne online article. Minister Gan said, “If the more than 400,000 diabetics in Singapore today, one in three do not even know they have the disease. Of those who do know, one in three have poor control. If nothing is done, things will just get worse, with one out of every three people here – more than a million – getting diabetes.

That’s a worrying trend that we might get diabetes if we don’t do something to control and manage them. In fact, the increasing statistic is not just isolated to Singapore only; people staying elsewhere all over the world, especially those who live in developed and developing countries are vulnerable too. This is a global issue that every one of us has a part to play – it may not happen to us, but it can happen to our loved ones.

On 1st January 2016, I posted an article, “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” and wrote, “The increasing craze for icing, sweet pastries, and cooling drinks might create sudden sugar-rush effect. To an extent, these could lead to more dental visits, and increased diabetic or TIA-like (Transient Ischemic Attack) cases.” And I listed ‘Diabetics” as one of the highlights in the “Key Trends + Highlights of the Year” graphic image. Click the image for a larger view.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, there are tendency signs suggesting that when certain elements and patterns are located within close proximity, the person might fall within the “high-risk” group of people having diabetic symptoms. That was one reason why the focus on diabetes is still strongly highlighted this year (2016). When the tendency signs are present, it’s important for everyone of us to take conscious effort to control our diet and health.

Diabetic_TendenciesIn the Five Elements principles, we can associate the liver to the Wood element, and diabetes are “connected” to the liver problem. Now, that doesn’t imply whenever you see a person’s chart with number 4 or 9, being the Wood element, they have diabetic tendencies. If that comes to happen, it means all of us will have diabetes when our birth dates have the numbers 4 or 9! Thankfully, that is not the case when I analysed from the EON perspective. The numbers 4 and 9 cannot “worsen‘ the diabetic vibes without another condition taking place to manifest the effect. I’ve discovered the diabetic pattern while researching on health-related signs to enhance my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I’ve also shared with previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on the steps to identify if a person has strong diabetic tendencies or not. FEN students can then control their own health, should they discovered they have the “diabetic pattern” in their chart; or advise their loved ones accordingly when such pattern is present.

casestudy_larrykingWhen the ‘diabetic pattern’ is present in your natal or birth chart, it denotes a strong likelihood of you having diabetic symptoms. And when the pattern is located in certain areas of the chart, the diabetic signs are likely to be hereditary. That’s to say, either you, or your siblings, or your parents might have diabetes. And when such pattern arises in your Personal Year chart, it means that your blood-sugar level might go high that year if you don’t control your diet. And when the same ‘diabetic pattern’ is present in your periodic charts (like Personal Month or Personal Day charts), you might somehow be influenced to consume sweeter or sugary food than you usually do. In case you’re wondering, have you ever noticed or experienced the sudden crave for sweet cakes, deserts, or sugary drinks on some days or hours, for no obvious reason? The hunger or sweet cravings might seem “normal” for some people. However, from an EON perspective, it could be a foretelling sign. Chances are, the ‘diabetic pattern’ might be present in your periodic charts. In certain cases, the ‘diabetic pattern’ is not obvious until you applied the “multilayer charts” extended analysis that I’ve shared with my FEN Advanced  students.

casestudy_tomhanksIn this health.com article, Tom Hanks “announced in 2013 that he had type 2 diabetes.” In another article from the same site, Larry King “told Diabetes Forecast magazine that before he was diagnosed, he had no symptoms.” You can check other celebrities having diabetic symptoms from this WebMD site too. If you have a copy of the FEON+ installed on your Android smartphone, I’d encourage you to plot the celebrity’s birth date and analyse their charts.

It is important to know if you have the ‘diabetic pattern’ in your natal chart. You can take control of your own health, and manage them in order for you to enjoy a wonderful living with your loved ones. If you have the ‘diabetic pattern’ in your periodic charts, it means your blood-sugar level is high, temporary. However, that doesn’t imply you can consume more sugary food as you like, knowing that it has a temporary effect on your health. Every food or drink must be consumed in moderation. As time goes by, if you don’t control your unhealthy eating or drinking habits, these could manifest into permanent health condition, and you might end up with diabetes and for some of you, taking regular insulins.

So, the war on diabetes has started. Unless you do something to control and manage your sweet tooth and cravings, you will join the increasing number of people worldwide having diabetes. That’s not a good sign at all. Go for regular health checks. Even though you’ve a clean and health record, there’s no best time than taking preventive measures now. Since you’re reading this article, I can do my part to promote better healthcare. You can also send me an email (SunTzu2796@gmail.com) with your birth date, and I’ll advise whether you have the ‘diabetic’ tendencies.

The Five ElementsIn the Five Elements principles, Water produces Wood; and when Wood is strong, it could exhaust or weakens the Water. It’s just like a plant sucking up all the water, and eventually the plant gets dehydrated over time. When you apply the plant analogy to a person, it’s suggesting his kidneys might be affected consequently. That is a worrying sign, and a “wake up” call for everyone in 2017 which is just about one month away. Kidney and/or urinary health symptoms would be one of the major highlights for 2017. That means we might expect health authorities and organisations around the world telling us to keep our kidneys healthy as there are signs of increasing kidney failures and more people going for kidney dialysis.

Don’t worry too much if you’ve just received a clean, healthy report from your doctor. Even if you have the ‘diabetic’ pattern, it doesn’t imply you will eventually have the disease. That would be too naïve to assume you’ll have diabetes when you can easily change your lifestyle, and adjust your eating and drinking habits to prevent the disease from manifesting. Remember, as you are in control of yourself, you can take charge and moderate your dietary intake, and possibly, manage your blood sugar levels. Just imagine the outcome – no more sweet cravings nonstop but a moderate consumption giving rise to healthier and a happier lifestyle.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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