One Chart, Different Answers

Elaine attended the UCMHP and other numerology preview sessions previously. She observed the presenters had different interpretations, and wasn’t sure of the information gathered. She decided to look for related books and explore other resource areas to find out more. That would then help her decide if she should attend classes to acquire more knowledge when her passion and curiosity got stronger.

At the UCMHP preview, Elaine learned she has traits suggesting argumentative and egoistic. She was told she couldn’t be working for others, i.e., she should be her own boss. From other numerology sessions, she learned she should pursue spiritual insights and metaphysics. In her email to me, Elaine remarked, “Getting confused here myself. Waiting for your case study.

A good trainer should expand on the theories shared, and coached students to explore more clues for better profiling knowledge. This is especially so when the trainer prefers teaching than researching. If Elaine expects to obtain consistent answers by attending the UCMHP and numerology classes, she will be disappointed. The art of numerological profiling, or empowering us with Human Behavioural profiling knowledge, is unlike academic learning where you’re provided with standard questions and model answers. In non-academic and adult learning, it means you should not naively presume what the trainer taught you in class is the only correct answer. They’re just sharing one example they’re familiar with. When you attend my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, I’ll coach you to identify more than one clues from different perspectives. Even so, there could be other clues I’ve yet explore but already known to others.

Sure, the number 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) could lead to divorce in extreme cases. However, that doesn’t imply when you analysed a chart with a similar pattern, you could confidently assume the person is a divorcee, or would encounter failed marriage. What others need from you is the various suggestions for them to make right decisions to avoid or minimise such preventable outcomes. They don’t want you to impose fear and pessimistic outlook, and loathe listening to the “you will remain just like that whether or not you change” message. We shouldn’t stereotype anyone when we noted certain already-identified patterns in their chart. We should provide beneficial choices to allow the person with alternatives to reduce the impact from unwanted outcomes. They could then explore starting a fresh new lifestyle after transforming themselves – changing mindset, behaviours, habits, and positive attitudes.

It’s normal for Elaine to receive different findings and observations made by the presenters or trainers at the preview sessions. She should forget the “why is your finding so unlike others” thinking, and seek opportunities to broaden her analytical horizons.

Let’s check out Elaine’s EON chart. I’ll begin with Elaine’s traits that were shared with her at the preview sessions, and subsequently include more observations from EON perspectives.

First, the “be her own boss” suggestion – when you have the 9-6-6 and 6-9-6 patterns at both influencing sectors (S-T-U and V-WX), you can generate wealth (6 = Money, 9 = Success). However, the amount of wealth or success attained is depending on many factors, including her realistic goals, abilities, and “hunger.” That reminded me of Dale Carnegie’s book title, “How to win friends and influence people.” In addition, there’s the 3-9-3 pattern in Elaine’s chart, denoting the ability to achieve [Fast – Success – Fast] results. Together with the ‘Big Sister‘ (wants to take charge, have a say, or control) attitude, that could be one area why the UCMHP presenter suggested that Elaine could be “her own boss” rather than being an employee.

And now, on the argumentative and egoistic traits… in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could correlate the number 5 to having traits like stubbornness, prideful, rigid, facts-finding, and centering around principles. Generally, when rebuked with unfounded facts during discussions, they could become agitated, temperamental, and argumentative, just to get the facts “right.” Consequently, that could boost the prideful nature, and others could perceive them as boastful and egoistical. They’re always happy (in their heart and mind) when others credited them or made positive remarks. Next, a person who has number 5 in their chart tends to revisit their “back to nature” pursuits often in their lives. This means a person with Root 5 or few 5s in their chart, has spiritual or religious inclinations, and could find “solace-like” experience when accumulating their metaphysics knowledge.

Elaine now knows the underlying reasons on the “be her own boss” and “argumentative and egoistic traits.” While one presenter was focusing on wealth-creation ability, the other is concentrating on her personalities and traits. Both analysed her birth chart from different angles. My observations are derived from the EON principles, which encompasses extra insights like the Five Elements principles. Hopefully that could open wider the window of soul-searching for Elaine, and eventually cleared the confusing thoughts.

There are extra insights from EON principles that I’m happy to share with Elaine and you. Besides the potential financial enriching vibes from 9-6-6 and 6-9-6 patterns, the abilities to communicate and influence others are equally important. That means for Elaine to become even successful in her career and family life, she needs to work hard to “win more friends and influence” them. To a certain extent, she must work harder to improve her communicative skill sets, especially if she’s still facing EQ issues today. Here’s one reason – we could correlate the 2-5-7 pattern as [Talk – Obstacle – Support]. Elaine might have difficulties convincing others previously, or observed she was compelled to repeat her messages before others understood what she meant. Next, there might be occasions of her stammering, passing ‘profound” hints, or showing signs of long-windedness while communicating with others. It’s ideal for her to identify the stubbornness and principles mindedness in number 5, and then change the mindset. Thereafter, she could change the 2-5-7 and manifest the [Discuss – Challenging – Acceptance] vibes. That’s where Elaine could convince others – including her customers if she’s her own boss – to accept obstacles as challenges and opportunities. It’s like the phrase, “there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud.” When others see potential opportunities to network with her, that’s where she could tap their resources to help her grow her business, improve her career path, and/or grow her wealth.

Now, it’s easy and relatively cheap to set up a business, but it’s harder to be a good boss, or maintain a sustainable business. Many people chose to be employed than being a self-employed person. It doesn’t matter which employment status Elaine chose to be comfortable with – she can still improve her financial status, enjoy material rewards, and living healthier lifestyle. It’s up to Elaine to decide the path to take. On the one hand, she can be her own boss and willing to work harder, and be responsible and accountable. On the other hand, she can work for others, dedicating her time and commitments in office, while at the same time, work on her passions and interests to satisfy her lifestyle passions.

Elaine can explore further and be conscious of her own personality traits, acquire the practical techniques to understand and improve her behaviours, and take efforts to achieve personal actualisation. With that, I wish her all the best.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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