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Shortly after I’ve drafted the article, “One Chart, Different Answers.” I received another email from Elaine, asking if I could check on her career and relationship aspects. I thought I might as well post a separate article to focus more on Elaine’s request.

Identifying the suitable type of business or career is a common method used in PON, UCMHP, and EON. This basic-level method depended on the element of the Root number. It provided a general guideline on the suitable types of career or business, or the industry a person could consider working. It is a good reference, but it cannot provide clues to aid in a person’s career needs for a particular year or period. When you attend the FEN classes, I will share with you another layer of analysis to determine the career vibes. That’s originally unique to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. As I do have FEN students who’re professionals and in some cases, Trainers from PON, LifeQuest, and UCMHP, I wouldn’t get surprised if you found out about the Career element from them. And if you learned the Career element in class (besides my FEN class), I’m glad your trainer has recognised the importance to include EON principles to their teachings. Anyway, whenever people asked me if he or she can change jobs, I’d put aside identifying the suitable types of career or business method. To me, this is just a basic method, and while it’s handy to use, it has its limits. I’ve taught FEN students to identify the Career element, and to gauge the impact level on a particular period (usually year, but you can apply it on any period, including day). That would help determine whether the career change would bring a better outcome, is depending upon the person’s needs.

With the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we have an extra clue to look at your career needs, like uncovering the reasons for changing job. Is it because?
You feel bored and restless with the monotonous environment at work;
• You cannot gossip as it’s only you and your boss working in the small office;
• You wanted a job that promotes work-life balance;
• You wanted a job with training facilities and benefits for skill upgrading;
• You seek recognition and promotions;
• You feel “under utilised.” You feel restricted, and constraint with current job roles assigned;
• You just need the extra money to finance your lifestyle expenses;
• You don’t need the money;
• You dislike office politics. You want to become your own boss; and
• You desire to pursue your passion.

Anyone can change jobs anytime. Whether you can find a better or suitable job is something else. Besides, changing jobs at an opportune time could bring about rewarding benefits, including materialistic tangibles and easier career growth. Elaine might be thinking of having a career change probably around late last year. She might have overheard the “no one is indispensable” remarks, and that made her insecure or believed her supervisor and peers are creating obstacles for her. Oh, by the way, Elaine might not have experienced what I’ve mentioned, but it can become a reality to someone else who has same birth date or similar chart. If Elaine is a self-employed person (i.e., be her own boss), she might have similar feelings, or she felt the need to change the company’s core product or services. All she wants is to widen her product and service range, or to avoid facing headstrong against unfair competitions. Be it as an employed or self-employed person, there might be influencing factors tempting her. In her PY2017 chart, the 3-9-3 [Fast – Success – Fast] is manifesting such mood swings, and that could have imposed materialistic effect on her.

If Elaine is married, she has to consider many factors before deciding if she should take the risk to change or improve her career. And these include her husband’s unwillingness and fear, and probably the disagreements and tempers when she broached the topics of career and money.

So is it the right time for Elaine to switch career or request for internal transfer to another department, or change her company’s products and services if she’s her own boss? Well, anyone can easily change job or switch career. How will she make the best of the new role depends on what she hopes to gain by changing career? For example, if her main intent is to upgrade her skill sets and be more resourceful so that she can provide better service, then that might be a good time to consider the switch. If her purpose is to move up the corporate ladder fast, the tendency signs are suggesting a fragile ladder to climb this year. Whatever it might be, when there’s no risk, there’re no gains; and when there’s no pain, there’s no gain too. Elaine must be ready to take risks, be prepared to work harder than usual, and manage the pain (stress) when it comes along. Elaine has to make her judgement call if she wants to change her career this year. However, if her intent is to upgrade her skill sets and knowledge (for future career growth), then it’s opportune time for her to make it happen.

Now, let’s move on to relationships. Here’s another area in EON method that’s different from numerology methods from PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and other companies – the ability to check on the spouse and relationship elements. You’re no more restricted by the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3), 3-7-1 (or 7-3-1), or whatever patterns your trainer or friend taught you. Though the patterns come handy as “early advice signals” and we shouldn’t be complacent about it, there’s no clear indication when the energies could impact us. Monitoring them daily could tire and stresses us. With the spouse element, you can determine the level of intensity, loving, or disagreement for a particular period.

Elaine must put in quality time with her husband (if she’s married) or boyfriend (if she’s single and attached). If she has no committed boyfriend yet, and is waiting for her Mr. Right, there’re few of them “right here waiting” – from near and afar. Whatever the relationship status might be; her male partner might feel neglected occasionally in light of her current distractive thoughts, argumentative, egoistic and stressful nature, and re-aligning of her life purpose. And probably, including material pursuits or improving family status too.

While Elaine continues to concentrate on her career and relationships for now, she should not neglect her health too. There are tendency signs suggesting she’s in the “high risk” group with diabetic symptoms. She needs to cut down on sugary food and drinks, including rice, sweet deserts, alcoholic drinks, and sweetened fruit juices, even though her current blog sugar level might not be high yet.

That’s all for today’s article. Happy Lunar New Year to All.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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