On James Cromwell’s principle-mindedness

James Cromwell was sentenced to jail for seven days, according to this Fox News online article. Yet in a separate Metro news article, James was quoted to have said, “If we don’t stay together, nothing will change.

James has his own views, and it’s not for us to judge whether his opinion is right or wrong. It doesn’t matter how principle-minded James is. He has many options these days to voice his opinions – like postings in social media (for example, in Facebook or Twitter), or participate in peaceful debate or public forum without resorting to unruly behaviours and invoking tensions. When a protest action causes public nuisance, traffic congestions, and inconveniences to the people from the vicinity, the person must be prepared to face the legal consequences. And that’s what James did but the refusal to pay the fine resulting in him in spending a week in jail. He is facing these unnecessary restrictions because of his self-principles, beliefs, and possibly, pride.

Once again, it was easy to correlate the traits of a person having strong principles and beliefs to the Metal element, which we could also associate with cognitive intelligence, high-minded, materialistic, pride, boastfulness, purpose driven achiever, self centredness, and self-esteem. In the fundamentals and applications of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could correlate the Metal element to the numbers 1 and 6.

When I plotted James’ EON chart and took a quick look, the signs are obvious. There are strong Metal elements (numbers 1 and 6) in his birth chart. In addition, the number 5 being a duality number that can absorb the essence (and characteristics) of the surrounding number, could also exhibit the traits similar to the numbers 1 and 6. On top of that, the number 1 is moreover, present in his Hidden Numbers H3 and H5 locations. It signifies a strong principled personality.

And if that is not enough, the extra signs are suggesting an inborn perfectionist, when you consider the 1-8-9 patterns in his Combined Birth Date and Time chart.

The multiple 1s was also present in his PY2016 chart, which further strengthened his Metal-element traits last year. This year, the double criss-crossed 1-2-3 pattern in his PY2017 chart is like a person holding two defensive swords or folding arms. It could suggest signs of arrogance, assertiveness, and mental craziness. In symbolic representations, we could visualise the multiple 1s as the vertical bars of a jail gate.

Having strong Metal-element traits is not enough to compel a person to go against the law. You need the Fire element to invoke tension, fighting spirit, passion, temperaments, and rebellious streaks too. The unruly behaviours and critical beliefs were manifested by the multiple 3s which are present in his PY2017 chart.

Of course, it doesn’t imply James will inhibit or exhibited those traits that I’ve mentioned earlier. A person’s beliefs, principles, behaviours, and actions are formed through cumulative experiences from their childhood upbringing years to their adult lifestyle. The signs are based on the elements and the numbers present in his various charts, and these could imply that even if James do not have such traits, other people born on same birth date or have identical charts (in locations I-X) might display similar characteristics.

James is already at his senior age. He ought to be enjoying a purposeful life and not stressed himself out by aggravating the mental state of his mind. He should learn to let go from the high-mindedness and redirect his energies towards other fulfilling ways that not affect his health. When strong Metal is present, it could affect the Fire element, which could suggest unwanted deteriorating health conditions like anxiety, breathlessness, sleep apnea, heart-related problems, chest pain, heart burns, acid reflux, stroke, and others. Do check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more descriptions on other traits and health symptoms that might arise when the Metal element is stronger than Fire element.

What’s done cannot be undone, and James has paid his dues by spending a week in jail. What’s more important now is he should go for more frequent medical checkups and take extra care on his health, especially these two years.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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