On Adele’s damaged vocal cords

Adele was reported recently to have damaged her vocal cords and had to cancel the last two shows of her sold-out concert in London, according to this Yahoo online article.

I was, as usual, in my curiosity mode after reading the article. And the first correlation that comes across my mind is “it’s related to the Metal element.” In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method – where the Five Elements principles are one of the core “essences” of the EON system – we could easily associate the throat and vocal cords as upper respiratory problems. The next thing that comes across my mind would be either the Metal is too strong; alternatively, a controlling element like Fire, or repelling element like Wood, would be at its robust state. That initial judgement is in line with the “Elemental Cycles” topic described in Chapter 3 (Page 81) of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” which you can purchase online by clicking on this link if you haven’t owned a copy yet.

I then plotted Adele’s EON chart to see if I could identify the elements that I’d assumed earlier that could have contributed – from EON and Five Elements perspectives – towards her damage vocal cords. Sure enough, I could see that multiple red and grey boxes at first glance on Adele’s Personal Year PY2017 chart. Of course, if you are familiar with the FEON+ software, all numbers are displayed with its associated elements and colours, which eliminated the time-wasting guessing of the element-number correlations.

The use of colours in a chart is important. That reminded me when I first developed an early version of the PON software on Palm and PocketPC devices – I had to convince Dr Oliver Tan about importance of using colours (instead of black and white) to represent the numbers so that users can easily identify its element quickly. I’d to emphasise few times that PON users might have knowledge of other Chinese Metaphysics (like FengShui, Flying Stars, and LoShu). To them, the order of the numbers and its correlative colours (elements) used in PON are different. And it can be confusing for them (as beginners) to readjust and realign their thoughts on the numbers and correlated elements each time they switched between the different Metaphysics systems. It took me a while to convince on displaying the charts in colours, which I’d based on my Chinese Metaphysics knowledge and software-development experience. I’m glad he listened and accepted the suggestions even though I could sense his reluctance and weak understanding of the other Chinese Metaphysics systems then.

Learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles and applying the knowledge can be purposeful and fun when you acquired the concepts and applications from the right mentor. Many of my past FEN students could identify that feelings easily.

There are multiple 3s in Adele’s PY2017 chart, and these could have manifested and strengthened the Fire element. On Page 105 of my book, I have described the effect and consequences when Fire is strong. One example is “control and attack the weaker Metal element directly.” Let’s put this statement in another perspective, like using an analogy of our health. During the summer season or when the weather is extremely hot, we could experience dryness in our throats, perspire, coughing, sore-throats, heatstroke, dehydrations, breathlessness and other respiratory health symptoms. We can associate these health symptoms with the Metal element. And when you apply the EON principles, you might recall that it’s just as what I’ve described earlier – Firecontrol and attack the weaker Metal elements.”

The Five ElementsWhen we analyse her charts from another angle, we could identify the Wood element in Adele’s birth chart, and it could strengthen the Fire element. That’s when you applied the Five Elements’ Productive (Enhancing) Cycle which I’ve described and illustrated in a diagram on Page 85 of my book.

When a stronger element is in “force” and controlling a weaker element, it is just like a single, one-way directed mode. However, when both elements are in attack-rebel mode (think of the endless fighting between the terrorists and military or security forces), both elements would be exhausted and weakened after a while. The Metal elements in Adele’s charts are equally strong too, especially when you look at her Time of Birth chart. With the manifested Fire vibes that is present this year, it’s like the battle of the Fire and Metal elements. And that could have contributed to her throat’s symptoms and damaged vocal cords.

A health symptom doesn’t happen overnight, and it could have been triggered some time back. If you look at her PY2016 chart, the Metal element was further manifested. And that could imply that Adele might have unknowingly or perhaps not revealed in public, could have experienced health symptoms related to the Metal element. Based on Adele’s charts, these included hyperventilation, lungs or windpipe infection, mental and cognitive anxieties, toothache, worries, and those symptoms mentioned earlier. And when you read my book and check on Page 113, you would have realised that strong Metal could control the Wood element. This means; from a Five Elements interaction principle, the tendency signs in the charts could include emotional and temperamental mood swings, skin irritations or eczema symptoms, and limp (swollen or hardened) conditions.

Of course, the above health symptoms and conditions might not happen when a person takes full control of themselves, especially towards their behaviours, the food and drinks consumed, the physical exercises and fitness regime, the mental awareness, and their social lifestyle habits.

Let’s wish Adele a speedy recovery.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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