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I hope you’ve read my earlier article “People with 2-3 and 3-2 patterns” posted yesterday. Please click here to read it first if you haven’t already done so, to get some insights. I’ve highlighted few perspectives of the 2-3 pattern and its identifiable traits.

Besides the [Talk – Fast] nature, people with the 2-3 patterns might be applying their abilities to talk quickly or in a passionate way, to their advantage. Consider the case of the stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr – he has the 2-3 pattern in V-X location on his chart, and the 2-3 pattern is present in K-N locations of his PY2019 chart too. On a side note, Jimmy needs to take care of his health and watch his carbo/sugary food intake; and not to aggravate his emotions and tempers, as there are tendency signs suggesting he belongs to the “high risk” group of people with potential cancerous and diabetic conditions.

When the 2-3 number pattern is located in the influencing sector of a chart, the individual tends to behave similar to the associated pattern, in an external  environment, like with friends and business partners in social life, with colleagues at work, or anyone at a party or seminar. If the 2-3 pattern is located elsewhere – other than the V-W-X and S-T-U locations – it could mean the person would behave (think, feel, act) in a different manner. This implies Jimmy Carr and Donald Trump utilises the 2-3 pattern uniquely in their own ways, and exerted its influences on others.

In Jimmy case, he uses his mastership in creating jokes, words that could hurt at times, but yet others laughed it off as funny jokes, and another speech or sentence that could compel his audiences, and make them laugh.

How is that possible? Many people would imagine it is impossible or unlikely to consider Donald Trump as a comedian, and Jimmy Carr as a politician. Who knows, and the possibilities might come true? Anyway, the reason is simple – the numbers elsewhere in the chart do influence the person, and it created an internal belief, perceptions, and visions of what they want to achieve. Furthermore, other critical factors like family upbringing and financial status, environment and culture, interactions at schools and colleges, work experience with people in offices – these could create a different character and demeanour. People normally perceived you based on your behaviours and actions, and not what’s on your mind or what you think or feel. It’s like taking various fruits and put them in a fruit blender – the juice that you tasted might be sweet, sour, bitter, bland, acidic, or just perfect for your taste buds.

Rappers like Andre Romelle Young, Sean John Combs, Eminem, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and many others – they have the 2-3 pattern in their charts, and are using their natural abilities to make others enjoyed or excited over their rapping styles. There are no hatred intentions, but rather, it’s all about passion, delight, love, and warmth. Just like the phrase “many roads lead to Rome,” it implies there are many ways to identify and associate the 2-3 pattern as well. And it entirely depends on your trainings and how knowledgeable your trainers are. Most trainers are just training mentors, not researchers and real authors (books not penned by ghost writers). Hence, some trainers’ understanding of the underlying fundamentals are not as deep. In any case, we can look at the 2-3 pattern as [Talk, Express – Fun, Passion, Joy] since we could also associate the number 3 with laughter, creativity, or candle light shinning brightly in a room – giving rays of hope, vision, warmth, peace, excitement, and many others.

Once again, I hope today’s article would bring yet another new insight on interpreting numbers, and how it could influence or affect the personality traits, characteristics, behaviours, and actions of a person. I’m also aware there are anxious people keen to attend my next FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class, and I apologised for not scheduling any class until November 2019 period. I’m on a personal retreat – for happiness and contentment, and working on a project to enrich my research and training development abilities. Do bear with me for now, and I promise you will attain more insights when the FEN class is scheduled.

Meanwhile, if you have any case study or questions in mind, do feel free to email me at Who knows, I might post them as case study articles here, especially when the question or chart is an interesting one that could invoke my curiosities, and share them with you!

Have a wonderful and lovely day ahead! Keep Fit and Stay Healthy! Chase Happiness.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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