Identifying the Clues in Reflection Chart

As someone has recently searched for “Reflection Chart,” I thought I might as well explain how you can use it effectively.

I formulated the Reflection Chart more than a decade ago, when I developed the FEON+ software. I was, as always, curious about the subconscious mindset of a person, something that’s not obvious when we looked at a person outwardly, like checking on their Birth Chart, or periodic charts like Personal Year and Personal Day charts. Technically, as I designed the Reflection Chart based on my experience and understanding of the Five Elements principles, this chart should not be available in another numerology methods taught elsewhere, especially in Singapore and/or neighbouring countries. If you’ve attended courses conducted by others and was taught of the Reflection Chart (or some other naming but the step to plot the chart is identical), then it reinforced and endorsed what I’ve done in my research, is correct.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityWhen you learn, understand, and apply the Five Elements principles, you could correlate the meaning of the phrase, “In Every Yin, There’s a Yang; In Every Yang, There’s a Yin.” What this means is that in the number 3, there is the presence of secondary attributes of number 8, as the elements for both number 3 and 8, are same – the Fire element. Read the chapter on the Five Elements, if you’ve a copy of my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” You can click here to buy the EON book too.

I intentionally assigned a full chapter on the five elements and described its strengths (strong or weak) and its effect or impact on other elements. I struggled to understand the underlying principles beyond theoretical applications during the first few years when I was learning different courses in Chinese metaphysics. Many of you might empathise how I felt then, as you could have gone through similar experience before. Oftentimes, the lessons learned, are interpreted from the “tip of the iceberg” superficial approach. I have taken on a responsibility to educate and share with others, the many years of looking for facts to include such interactions of the elements. There was no English metaphysics book I read at the time, which explained in a context similar to what I did with my EON book. I’ve received positive feedback from global users, with some commenting the Five Elements chapter, is an encyclopedia-like with explanations on its potential influences on other elements depending on its strength (strong or weak). Once again, click this link to purchase my EON book; an action many readers didn’t regret doing so.

Bill Gates EON Birth Chart, from FEON+ PRO based on Elements of Numbers (EON) method and Five Elements Numerology (FEN) techniquesOne “classic” example is to look at Bill GatesEON chart. His Birth Chart has multiple 6s, which we could associate with material wealth, intellectual, responsibility, and fast-driving desires. Oh, the latter is not about the urge for speed driving or formula driving, but fast motion and acting quickly whenever a decision is made.

This is why Microsoft in the early days bought companies to exploit their technology and Intellectual Properties (IP), or obsolescence of the product to eliminate competitions. Personally, there were better options than Windows v1.x, such as IBM Presentation Manager or GEM GeoWorks. Even the MS-DOS operating system, was a derivation of an existing technology that Microsoft used, after acquiring the company.

So the presence of multiple 6s is strong in Bill Gates’ chart. And his behaviours and actions, are somehow easier to correlate with the signs of number 6s in his chart. However, Bill Gates changed his life focus and became more involved in philanthropy and humanitarian causes. If you simply look at his Birth Chart or even Personal Year charts, you’re trying to “find the needle in the haystack.” That’s where I realized that while the Birth Chart does provide signs on a person’s character at birth, and the Personal Year chart showing signs of character influences during that year, there are still missing pieces of the puzzle… why there was a sudden turnaround in his life purpose – from a profit-mindset to a passionate person with humanitarian-mindset.

The Reflection Chart shows multiple 9s, which we could associate with success, competitive-spirit, greed, humanitarian, humility, and lifelong growth mindset. This means, there are tendency signs suggesting that Bill Gates might have been influenced subconsciously in his decision to focus on the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Now, there are instances where the numbers in the M-N-O-P-Q-R locations of the Reflection Chart are the same as the Birth Chart. What this implies is that the person is usually more direct, and tends to speak their mind without thinking twice. They rarely think about their conscious behaviour and unconsciously if they can react differently.

The left screenshot shows Meghan Markle‘s EON Chart, taken from a beta copy of FEON+ Pro running on an iPhone device. The numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of her Birth Chart is similar to the same locations in her Reflection Chart. As mentioned earlier, the tendency signs are suggesting Markle often speaks from her mind, directly and unhesitatingly whenever opportunities arise. And that could sometimes agitate and frustrated others, creating tensions unnecessary – the signs of 4-8-3 pattern in her Birth Chart, which coincidentally could be interpreted as relationship strains or communication problems with her father. This year, the 4-8-3 pattern appears in locations P-O-M of her Personal Year (PY) 2021 Chart. This implies, the tendency to impose more strained relationships with others, and creating unnecessary tensions and stress on others.

In extended EON method, my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students learned that the 3-1-4 (or in any sequence) number pattern could also suggest some form of “selective listening” habits where the person prefers hearing only the “good words” and ignore the undesired ones. We could associate number 4 with a plant that needs to be constantly nurtured and watered – suggesting some form of dependence on others to accommodate and pamper them. And like a plant that attracts attention by its blossoming flowers, they seek attention. Yet, like the plant swaying left, right, front and center whenever the wind blows, they tend to have mood swinging thoughts. Then again, as a plant in the garden that could be pruned or plucked, they are often emotional, sensitive and at extreme cases, survival instinct – the need to survive, and act what they believe is necessary to “stay alive and relevant.”

What I’ve just mentioned are the tendency signs that Meghan might inhibit or display. Of course, this does not mean that she is always “like that” because often a person’s behaviour and actions are regularly influenced by the external environment, social needs and limiting beliefs.

That’s just one area to look at the Reflection Chart, to identify the inner-thoughts of a person. If you’ve the current FEON+ v1.x installed on your Android phone, the Reflection Chart is accessible from the Life Path menu option. While the features might not be as many than those shown in the unreleased FEON+ PRO software, there are ample charts and information displayed to allow you to analyse and profile charts productively. With regular practices using the FEON+ v1.x tool, your profiling skills would be enhanced by better understanding and correlations of charting and reading my articles.

Here’s a phrase from DevOps practices that I’d like to share with you – “fail fast, learn fast.” The phrase is appropriate and relevant to profiling context. It’s even more so when you use the software as a productivity tool to “learn, unlearn, relearn” the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Click this link to register the FEON+ v1.x (Android) software, and get ahead of others.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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