Look Beyond the Basics of 1-2-3 or 8-4-3 signs at PQR

The recent search for “PQR 123” and “PQR 843” caught my attention. Many people were happy after knowing they have the 1-2-3 pattern in location P-Q-R of their Birth Chart. On the other hand, some people feel sad and disappointed after knowing they have the 8-4-3 pattern at the P-Q-R location of their Birth Chart. Why?

Students who attended Basic modules learned that the 1-2-3 pattern is associated with assets and wealth, and the 8-4-3 pattern is associated with divorce, separation, and failed marriages. From one point of view, the potential outcome associated with 1-2-3 or 8-4-3, might contain a certain truth. However, this is only true to an individual point of view, like just one degree from the 360-degree viewpoints. That said, it’s naïve and illogical to assume that everyone will permanently have assets and wealth until their last breadth when they have 1-2-3 pattern; or become a single-parent, or divorced when they have 8-4-3 pattern in P-Q-R location of their Birth Charts.

What this means is that, although it contains a portion of the truth, it will not contain the entire truth. This means that people with 1-2-3 pattern in the aforementioned location could become bankrupt, not wealthy, and hold no asset other than the house they stay with their family. This means that people with 8-4-3 pattern in the same location on their Birth Chart, can enjoy a happier and purposeful family lifestyle with their spouse and children. Therefore, the presumption of 1-2-3 and 8-4-3 patterns on P-Q-R location of the Birth Chart, is just a fallacy and short-sighted, and not the entire truth. You should not inculcate unhealthy beliefs to generalise and conclude such presumptive observations from one perspective.

Don’t worry too much if you have unfavourable number patterns, or get overexcited when you have beneficial number patterns in your Birth Chart. In fact, we are always influenced by the external factors once we are born. These include family upbringing, shared values, environment and academic experiences, political stability, cultural and social beliefs. Oh… and the periodic energies too. This means, there are always positive and negative signs in any location of the chart. You should be mindful and not naively simply look at the P-Q-R location to assume a definitive conclusion about yourself or someone else. Instead, what’s more important is that you must still take corrective actions and work for it – to maintain and sustain the beneficial signs, and manage and control the unfavourable signs.

Well, life is rarely fair. While some people are born to a wealthy family, it is their parents who grow their fortune and remained prosperous, not them. Even when they’ve the 1-2-3 patterns in their Birth Charts, there’s no guarantee they will continue to remain successful after their parents died, or they’ll continue to be wealthy until their last breath on this planet. Likewise, there are no “positive confirmation and endorsement” that you will be divorced, or that you will forever have a strained relationship with others, when you have the 8-4-3 patterns.

You must look beyond the Birth Chart. As I mentioned in earlier articles, the phrase “The Birth Chart is Not the Personality” becomes relevant once you understand the fundamental purpose of using numerology for profiling. Eliminate the worrisome fears promoted by many external trainers and accept the imperfection of life as a challenge to achieve your life goal. Many wealthy celebrities do not have the 1-2-3 pattern in their Birth Charts. Likewise, many divorced celebrities do not have the 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) pattern in their Birth Charts too.

Let me explain further. I shared with FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on the tendency signs of cancer when certain numbers are present in a chart, and the possibility of acquiring it could be hereditary or external influences. However, this does not mean that the individual will have cancer as it is also about their health, emotion and mental states, and lifestyle. While the signs may be present, knowing its tendency and taking preventive measures to avoid manifesting it, is the approach you should adopt. It is just not right – and unethical – to spread unfounded fears over others, as if you have the divine remedy at hand.

Use good judgement, especially if you have taken courses from other trainers. Check if the conjectured traits associated with certain number patterns are true for all the charts you have profiled. If the majority of observations are unfounded, it is time to “unlearn, learn, re-learn” to avoid practicing presumptive profiling that could harm others and yourself.

It is not about the numbers in certain locations of your Birth Chart that you need to be aware of. Even if you have a good or bad chart, there are so many other charts that are equally relevant that might help you overcome potential failures or undesirable results.

You must look beyond number patterns and birth charts, and identify the signs that are current in a year, and relevant to everyday life. Know where the tendency signs related to your health symptoms, take preventive measures (when health symptoms haven’t surfaced yet) and corrective actions (for health symptom already surfaced) to control and manage. Once you have taken care of your health, it’s easier to pursue other goals with a happier and healthier mind.

You also need to look at the Personal Year charts to determine if the elements of the numbers support or control you. If the elements are favourable and beneficial, then the chances are, you would be able to demonstrate the positivity to achieve what you want. That’s assuming you’ve taken steps to do things right and at the right time. Sitting down and waiting for an opportunity to come is just wishful thinking; you have to act to get it done.

Periodic charts like Personal Year Chart, is important as it allows you to understand what you need to do, to ensure the year’s energies are managed and controlled, while you take action to manifest the positive ones, and avoid accelerating the negative energies. It’s like a typical almanac suggesting you be prudent with investing. It doesn’t mean you cannot invest in stocks or shares, but just that you’ve to be more prudent and do your due diligence, rather than investing based on sentiments and emotions.

Besides the Birth Chart and Personal Year Chart, you can also check on the Reflective Chart to find out about your subconscious energies  that could often influence your conscious thoughts and behaviours. Better knowledge of potential subconscious influences may provide you with “virtual signs” to help you navigate your actions. Once you have identified the signs, you should take action. That’s where the Personal Day Direction (PDD) Chart is all about. Every day your PDD Chart is different, which means “every day can be a good day” when you know what or how you can achieve it, and which direction to take.

Most of the trainers conducting other numerological methods shared only basic theories, simply by interpreting the numbers in the charts. What they do not share or don’t know, is the application part, the practical way to optimise energies at a specific hour of that day, to achieve maximum influence. In short, what it means is that you need to learn and understand how extended EON theories like ‘Qi Tapping‘ work, so you can apply them when necessary. A word of caution here – apply the “Qi Tapping” method occasionally only on major decision, and not do it on a daily or hourly basis, as overtime, misusing it would become “less effective” once your mind is controlled by greed instead.

So, whatever number pattern appears in the P-Q-R location of your Birth Chart, you also have to factor in the “Double-Effect” vibes that may surface in a Personal Year Chart. This means that both numbers in M-N-O-P-Q-R locations on your Birth Chart and Personal Year Chart, are similar. For some people, it could be triple effect or multiple effect that numbers in the same locations could also be present in the Reflection Chart, Day Chart, and Personal Day Chart.

Many of these extended charts were formulated by me, during my initial years of EON research. I could derive the steps to plot these charts due to my earlier years of experience in Bazi, ZWDS, QMDJ, YiJing, and other Chinese Metaphysics. Oh, and of course, it’s partly because of my software-development skill sets, which enabled me to identify signs beyond number patterns, for code optimisation.

For those who wanted to choose a good day, or know what they can do to counteract a “not-so-good” day, they can always check on the Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, and Personal Hour Pillars. Know how the universal and personal energies of each pillar could help you assess the basic influence on you. In fact, I have added these pillars – other than the Hour pillar – in current FEON+ v1.x (Android) to allow me to perform ‘date selection‘ exercises. I added the HOUR pillar in FEON+ PRO, to allow me to identify the favourable signs with a time slot. In addition to being a passionate mentor to my FEN students, I also practiced what “I preached to them” to be a competent and respectable profiling expert. The charts, pillars, and information that I have added to FEON+ PRO, are not for theoretical display. Instead, it is intended for more hands-on use. For example, I’ve used the Hour Pillar frequently to identify favourable hour range, whenever I need to take international certification exams, to build my knowledge and expertise, as I’m a lifelong learner.

Knowledge of favourable and beneficial energies is helpful. What happens if there are negative energies during a given year or period? Changing attitudes can be daunting to some people, and suggesting a growth mindset rather than a fixed and siloed mindset is a challenge for those who are impatient and not eager. Yet, you still must change towards having positive growth mindset, if you want better outcomes. Knowing the sequence of EFV FLOW and EFV SPAN codes could help you understand the path forward and take action accordingly. You can apply the BIRTH CODE as a guiding life mantra to follow, and the ANNUAL CODE as once-a-year guiding path, to achieve positive milestones.

Once it is safe and permitted to resume in-person classroom lessons, you can then learn the visualisation techniques and advanced EON methods in the FEN classes.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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