More Caught By The “Double Whammy” Vibes

Of late, there were many people experiencing the effects from a “Double Effect” Year. Some of them have enjoyed the positive energies of the “Double Blessing” effects. However, many had felt the negative energies which further manifested into a “Double Whammy” effect on them. The effect can have a “dead” serious consequence.

What do Osama bin Laden, Seve Ballesteros, Benazir Bhutto and former South Korea President Roo Moo-Hyun have in common?

They died in their “Double Effect” Years.

Bernard Lawrence Madoff suffered a “Double Whammy” effect in 2010 when his son committed suicide. Tony Blair’s career as Prime Minister has changed after his resignation in 2007, the year he experienced the Double Effect vibes. And just a few days ago on 7 May 2011, David Beckham was involved in a car crash on one of the busiest roads in Los Angeles. He too, is experiencing the “Double Effect” vibes in 2011. The strong number 6 (from his birth chart and PY2011 chart) denote fast moving wheels (of cars). These could imply potential accidents.

If you are experiencing a “Double Effect” Year this year (2011), do be extra careful. Besides the Personal Year energies, the Universal Year energies may affect you as well.

There is strong presence of “moving, changing and energetic vibes” this year (2011 = 2+0+1+1 = 4).  The double ‘1” in 2011 could imply strong Metal, using the Five Elements theory. These could cause health problems related to respiratory, immune and mental-related conditions. We can also associate air and wind to the Metal element. With the two sets of 1s in 2011, it makes the air or wind doubly strong.

In case you have already forgotten, please check my ‘Numerological Predictive Observations 2011’ article. I mentioned trees and homes destroyed and “a ‘devastating and deafening’ experience many people may have not felt or seen before”. The powerful storm in April that whipped up tornadoes in several southern US states was more than coincidence. It further reinforced the double “1” consequential effect.

Having a “Double Effect” Year does not always result in negative or deadly outcomes. If you have bought and read my book, you’d know I like to use the phrase “Feel the Fear, Experience the Success”. It depends on the actions you want to take during that year. While you take precaution on your health condition, you can “ride along the flow of the tide” to manifest on the “double effects” vibes positively. Usually, you could feel the positive energies during that year. Sometimes, you may only feel the positive outcomes a year or two later, because of the cumulative effect.

The late Anita Mui (popular HK artiste) won the “New Talent Singing Awards” in 1982. Former Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became the PM in 2003. The current 44th US President Barrack Obama began his run for the Presidency in Feb 2007. All these people had experienced their “Double Effects” the year before they embarked on their successful career. They could enjoy the positive vibes because of their cumulative actions done during their “Double Effect” Year.

Check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to find out more about the “Double Effect” vibes. Depending on your actions during a “Double Effect” Year, or the lack of any action on your part, you could be experiencing a “Double Blessing” or a “Double Whammy” vibes during that year.


You must take a step forward if you want to know yourself better and how to “feel the fear and experience the success”. I sincerely encourage you to get my book especially if you are staying in Singapore. It’d come handy in understanding the fundamentals of the terminologies mentioned in my articles posted here.

Life is never perfect but you can make it better. Learn to understand and overcome your weakness, and how to live a healthier life. Do not start taking remedial action when a health symptom appears – the deterioration could have started.

On a sidenote…

Many of you have bought my book, learned the basic Elements of Numbers (EON) fundamentals, and wanted to know more. And it triggered the need for an EON Workshop session where you can learn “untold” discoveries in one day. You will learn to identify more signs that may lead to other potential problems during a Double Effect year at the EON Workshop.

You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time you must make it. – Charles Buxton

Come down and support me. Note down the date in your calendar or diary. It’d be a 1-day workshop session (on 25 June 2011), specifically designed for “Power of Numbers” (PON) students who have completed any PON module conducted by Dr Oliver Tan. You will pick up the skill to identify traits, patterns and signs that’d bring your analytical knowledge beyond PON. Yes, that’s a “Double Confirmed, Double Effect” statement from me.

Contact McCoy at 8356-0179 to reserve your seat early, or to find out more on the EON Workshop on 25 June 2011. Alternatively, you can send an email to me at to reserve your seat. I will make an official announcement on the EON Workshop in the coming days.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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