Your Character In Destiny

“Skills can be acquired quickly through learning but not the character of a person. It takes more conscientious effort to improve on one’s character.”

That’s one inspiring thought that helped me realigned my focus on some issues on life profiling. It reinforced the common sense principles that no matter how well-educated and well-trained a person can be, their characters and not their skill (and experiences) shall decide their success, failure, or downfall. In many ways, we can say that Character is Destiny. What you’ll get eventually are the thoughts you’d made out in your unconscious mind and the actions you took.

We’ve read in recent newspapers and online sites on millionaires, tycoons, and politicians reportedly involved in money laundering, corruptions, loan shark or prostitute activities, and other illegal or immoral acts. These people could have come from humble or wealthy family backgrounds. These people could have graduated with First-Class Honors from established universities. It doesn’t matter how qualified, wealthy, or experienced they can be – it’s their inner character that either makes or break the pillars of fortitude, strength, and reputations they have build over the years.

If we used the extended method in Elements of Numbers (EON), it is easy to identify if a person is street-smart or book-smart (taught at the EON Workshop!). Now, even if you know a person is book-smart and can study well, there is no definite assumption they will score high marks in school if the person chose to ignore their studies and play instead. If a profiling expert has identified all signs pointing to a studious and possible high-ranking status but yet the person is not, it doesn’t mean the profiling expert was a fraught or con person. If there are tendency signs of sudden wealth coming into a person’s life, it’s up to the person to decide the path to choose, to gain the wealth legally or illegally. Although experience and gung ho attitudes do play a part, it’s their character that controls the level of success they need.

Take a look at the two charts. The numbers in MNOPQR in their Birth and Personal Year charts are identical. Both people could have faced similar experiences, but they did not as it depends on their character and how well they handled the past events. One person is controlling her emotional struggles; the other is emotionally aiming for better peace. Although their emotional traits are strong, their views in life are different. It’s their characters and behaviours that influenced the actions they’d do to achieve their goals and the ideals they’d hope to strive for.

It doesn’t matter if you analyse two unrelated people born on the same day with the same birth charts. It’s the experiences they’d to face in their growing up years and it helped build up their own unique characters and traits. Their family upbringing and formative years, shared values, moral education, health, environment, and social circles do influenced their behaviours and actions.

I was using the late Whitney Houston as a case example to explain the concepts and applications on “Rhythmic Cycles”. I was busy preparing training slides for an “empowerment” course. I was identifying the tendency patterns and signs present in Houston’s life cycle, besides the case study article I’ve posted recently. Outwardly, she has everything made for her – winning Grammy awards and receiving recognitions. When I began to look at the unconscious and conscious areas, there are possible clues on her character. She has changed because of social and family influences, and that somehow twisted the “positive vibes” she could have enjoyed this year, to the opposite, negative side.

You can look at tendency signs present in your rhythmic cycle for the vibes that happened in the past which influenced your present status, and your present actions could influence your future. I’ve briefly introduced the concepts at past workshop sessions. As time goes by, I could reinforce the findings (thanks to continuing research). I’ll explain the Rhythmic Cycle at the forthcoming EON Workshop scheduled for 14 April 2012 (Saturday), which is in about 2 weeks’ time.

If you’ve completed the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling course, this is the time to learn new ways to profile a person beyond their characters. And with reinforced methods like the Rhythmic Cycles, you’ll understand why the yearly energies could affect you (and someone else), and how tendency vibes of the past actions can repeat and influence you.

You’re now consciously aware of what you can do to take charge of your life through understanding and applying the EON methods. You could experience similar vibes if you don’t take a small, persistent but important effort to change your character positively. I look forward to share and explain the techniques to you at the workshop. You’ll get to use the special EON (Android) software too if you’ve an Android smartphone (supporting 800×480 resolution).

Seats are still available. Call McCoy at 8356-0179 to register now. Oh, you can always send an email to me at to register as well.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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