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The past few weeks have been a busy one for me, and I’m glad I’ve completed a task that I’ve set to do some time back.  I was busy preparing the presentation slides for a special course. Perhaps that could explain the few articles I’ve posted over the past weeks. I’m aware some of you have checked my site regularly and eagerly for the articles to help build up your knowledge. I do apologise and thank you for the understanding and patience…

Since I’ll be conducting the 4th EON WORKSHOP this weekend (14/4/2011, Sat), I might as well tell you more about what you can expect to learn on that day.


Mike asked if I’m writing a new book on Career Type and their elements.  It was in response to my reply to his early question about the element associated to “Share and Security Broker.” He said, “I saw the notes from Dr. Oliver Tan. He wrote that for Share & Security Broker – it belongs to the Earth element.” However, I suggested it as Metal element in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Check out my book if you want to know more about the careers and elements.

There is no right or wrong information as different people have different interpretations based on their own set of rules and principles. We do associate shares and stocks-related businesses to finance and money which in turn, are of the Metal element. Number 6 (Metal) is associated to money in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. In my book, I’ve mentioned that you cannot simply look at the Industry as a whole when looking for suitable career type. You could be working in a Oil company (Metal) but your job role is on facilities management (Earth).

You can use the “Career Type” to identify the environment you can be in based on the Birth Root number. However, you shouldn’t assume it’s a definitive step to get the best positive vibes if you work in suggested career environment. You may be working for the same company for many years, and you felt like resigning because you are not happy for personal reasons. In the extended EON method, you can group these “personal reasons” into various categories and use them to find out its elemental strength. Do you know you can increase the positive career energies at the suitable time, to boost up the prospect of career promotions, bonuses, or better job offers from other companies?  Yes, you will learn this method at this weekend’s workshop.

Florence asked me about the Career strength of her friend whose company would soon be sold to a foreign owner. Her friend Pete was worried about his job – would he remain working in the new company, or need to look for alternative jobs elsewhere.  I told Florence my observations based on the career vibes present in Pete’s Personal Year chart for this year. You will learn to identify the Career vibes in your PY chart at this weekend’s workshop.

Someone told Samuel that he has strong psychic abilities. He was worried if it’s good to have such spiritual powers and how he could make good use of it. I told Samuel that he can easily identify the patterns associated to spiritual senses at this weekend’s workshop. I also told Samuel to think positively and to use the power to help others better their lives. That reminded me of the popular phrase used in the Spiderman movie, “With great power comes great responsibility.

I’ve described the basic method to plot the Direction Chart in my book and the actions to achieve the desired result. You may have also learned another “relative action” method in PON/UCM courses to improve the desired result using the same Direction Chart. Do you often find the Direction Chart static, i.e., the chart is identical if you plot them today, tomorrow, and the future? The energies surrounding us are constantly in motion, and will influence us in all possible directions. Therefore, having a static Direction Chart may not provide practicable references in reality. I discovered there is another method which could provide more relevant reference by plotting the Personal Direction Chart. As there are daily numbers and energies that could influence you varyingly, you can use this new chart as a reference point to take action to achieve the result you need. And yes, you can learn this method at this weekend’s workshop.

Since I’ve completed doing the slides for another purpose, I thought it’d come handy to extract the relevant slides for this weekend’s workshop. Yes, if you are attending this weekend’s EON Workshop, do expect more visual and captivating experience. I have one objective in mind at the workshopto help you realign your focus to learn the key areas to improve and build up your personality and life path profiling knowledge.


If you can make it for the workshop this Saturday, do call McCoy at 83560179 early (before Friday noon) as we do include refreshment and lunch (halal). If you’ve attended my previous EON Workshop, please contact McCoy if you wish to attend the session to learn more techniques at special reduced workshop fee.

I’m so excited and am looking forward to share my discoveries with you this Saturday!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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