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Robin was one of the seven participants who came for my recent FEN/NSQ course preview session. As I offered ‘live’ case study profiling analysis, Robin wrote on the slip of paper his birthdate and what he hope to learn from my analysis – his CAREER.

I’ve described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” the types of career or business a person can consider as a guideline if they’re uncertain which industry they should work in. That’s the basic guideline. But when you apply the extended EON techniques, there is little relevance in using the career types for consideration. After all, a person’s primary job designation (say, accountant) may differs from their job industry (say, agriculture). Students who completed the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) could easily identify the career element and find out the career vibes for a particular year.

CaseStudy_RobinRobin’s career is getting more prominent this year (2015). There are signs of extra monetary rewards present. Success seems fast-paced and easily attainable. However, Robin must consciously stay focused and be mindful of complacency with the current positive vibes strengthening his egos. Even though we could associate the 9-3-3 as [Success-Fast-Fast] scenarios, it could lead to roller coaster effect where unnecessary overspending or carelessness might happened. I told the class if Robin is ‘into’ shares investment, he could adopt the short-termed investing styles this year to grow his invested wealth.

Last year, his superiors might noticed and recognised his positive work attitudes. And his peers too but it could lead of sensationalised rumours spreading and office politicking. Then again, there could be female colleagues or friends attracted to him because of his increasing sex appeal vibes manifested last year. This year, Robin might felt the need to stay relevant to his job dynamism by increasing his knowledge and personal skillsets for better career advancement. He needs to relax and be less strict towards achieving his goals as the ‘perfectionist’ traits is strongly influencing him now.

SEX APPEALI also shared with the class my observation on Robin’s other life aspects. For example, I told the class there might be tendency of Robin’s communicative style. He likes to communicate and express himself (2-5-7) but sometimes felt there is a stumbling block where other people might misunderstood his message. Or there might be occasions where he talk in a ‘gibberish’ way without framing his thought first. Or the need to repeat explaining to allow others to listen and interpret his message correctly. However, when he could transform and adapt himself positively, he can communicate and express himself clearly. The number 5 has transformed to inhibit its surrounding number vibes. This means the 2-5-7 now displays the 2-2-7 or 2-7-7 traits. That’s where the extra charismatic and sex appeal vibes further gets manifested.

I then paused for a moment and asked Robin if I can reveal anything that comes to mind, be they positive or negative traits. Robin gave me the ‘go ahead’ and I then told the class about my extended observations. There are tendency signs suggesting fantasies toward sensual explorations for ‘sex-tisfactionneeds. Robin then told the class agreeing about his past habits and experiences, but he has since changed for the better. I’m glad Robin was spontaneous, truthful, and willing to share his characteristics and traits with the class. It reinforced the EON profiling principles that a person’s characteristics and traits can change over time. The numbers in our chart has varying influencing energies. We can change the quality of the influencing vibes, be they positive or negative ones. We can change our character strengths, self-beliefs, and positive attitudes. We must learn to accept and engage in the transformation change process. This enable us to transform ourselves to live the life we want and have a better tomorrow always. Robin has changed, and the potential ‘negative’ traits I’ve mentioned might have happened previously but not now as he’s in full control of his emotions and intellects.

EON_AnswersI told the class I will follow-up with my analysis by posting case study articles like this. Doing ‘live’ case study profiling analysis help participants understand my teaching approach and analytical methods. They could gauge my profiling observations, confidence level, understanding of the tendency traits present, and the visual approach in elaborating my findings. However, as there are multiple case studies to analyse, I could only give short time to share observations that comes to my mind spontaneously. By posting a follow-up article, I could spend more time analysing without much distractions and stress. So here’s more observations that I did not mentioned in class…

Diabetic_TendenciesRobin has to control his eating habits and reduce the sugary intake. There are tendency signs suggesting he might fall into the ‘high-risk group’ of people with diabetic tendencies. It might be heredity health condition. It’d be worthwhile for Robin to improve his emotional and mental well-being, including going for regular medical check-ups on his liver and kidneys.

There are strong signs suggesting Robin is a fast-learner. He is a book-smart and resourceful person with strong intuitive intelligence. I’m also looking forward to share more extended EON insights with those who’d signed up for the FEN and NSQ classes. Robin has completed the PON Mastery course previously and I’m glad he has recognised the need to unlearn what he’d learned previously on PON. He has decided to take charge to understand and apply the EON fundamentals and profiling principles. He has registered for the FEN and NSQ courses. With my regular article postings, Robin knows he has ample ‘continuing learning’ resources from me.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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