What’s Up on 11 September 2016?


In an earlier article, “Will the World End on 29 July 2016,” I gave a lighter side of my insights on a prophecy that some people claimed the world would end on 29 July 2016. The fact that you are reading this article means one thing – we have survived yet another wrongly-interpreted or miscalculated prophecy. Could the person have used cheap modern-day calculators or the calculator apps in smartphone to decode the date and forgot about rounding off issues? So far, there weren’t any major disasters reported, and I can assume we’re all safe and sound, enjoying our TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) day with positive outlook and happy moments.

I received a Facebook post recently from my first FengShui mentor, GrandMaster Vincent Koh to his students. Nothing much was mentioned except for the Bazi chart plotted for 11 September 2016; probably for his students to analyse. It shows the day has same Fire elements (on Heavenly Stems) on Metal elements (on Earthly Branches) plotted on the Year, Month, Day, and Hour pillars. That was an interesting chart, I told myself, and I would want to share them with you on my insights on the chart, but with a difference. So today’s article covers my observations of the Bazi and EON charts from Five Elements perspectives.

CaseStudy_20160911_BaziFirst, many of you might find the Bazi chart slightly different from what you know. This is because I incorporated the unique 5th pillar (yes, that’s an extra pillar) that focused on the 10-minute time frame. This 5th pillar method is so handy that many Bazi and Chinese Metaphysics professionals, including Feng Shui Masters have relied on them to fine-tune their Feng Shui audits. Many of them were using my BaziCalc (Palm) software at that time where I’d added the 5th pillar chart. Some years back, I had formulated a 6th Pillar (innate traits) and got my Bazi mentors excited after they’d used the 6th pillar to analyse some case studies.

With the Bazi (Android) software, I could derive the time with the same Fire on Metal elements on the Minutes Pillar. That is between 16:20 to 16:30 time period. I plotted the chart based on the time as 16:29 (4:29pm) to sync up with the EON chart.

In the Five Elements principles, we could associate strong Fire to riots, firearms, strikes, blood, fire burning, lasers, fireworks, lava, explosions, entertainment, temperaments, anger, laughter and joy, and more. We could associate strong Metal to weapons, security, military, bombs, chemical, weapons, satellites, cerebral capacity, money, brains, technology, immune, skin, hurricane, and more. When there is strong Fire on Metal elements present, it could denote mental temperaments of some kind. On the positive side, it could imply more people would enjoy much laughter, happiness, or breakthrough in laser or eye-care medical technology. On the negative sides, it could imply devastating effects that might affect the mindsets of many people, globally. The return of haze caused by man-made forest fires? A sign of senseless attacks by terrorists and other radical extremists? An unwanted sequel to the Sept-11th incident? Signs of Zika virus, dengue, malaria, or tuberculosis outbreak, or immune infection? A devastating day with multiple earthquakes or volcano eruptions? A day when the stock market crash? Aircraft or satellite exploding in mid-air? Fire in the sky? Liquid chemical explosion with huge fire burning? I don’t know, and I hope it is not. Let’s wish it to be a happy day instead. Like enjoying the Patriot Day with lots of fun, laughter, and sweet memories. Let’s blessed the day with lots of laughter, excitement, happiness, peace, and joy. Err… could it be a day where people got insane and fight over to be among the first few to own the latest phone model?

CaseStudy_20160911_EONNow, let’s take a look at the EON chart, again analysing them with the same Five Elements principle approach. Even if you don’t understand the chart, the obvious signs are the numbers, mostly in blue, and green colours, which represents the Water and Wood elements. That’s a stark contrast with the Fire and Metal elements on the Bazi chart.

In the Five Elements, we associate strong Water with traits and signs like movement, transportations, sea, waves, social activities, gossips and rumours, manipulations, distorted realities, and more. We associate the strong Wood as growth, education, medical science, success, humanitarian, forest, visions, emotions, foundations and plans, and more. On a negative side, the topic of the day could be about gossips, rumours, social hypes, and forceful dialogues on corporate governance, money laundering, corruptions, taxation or new financial legislations, political elections, and much more. Could it imply deforestation caused by huge Tsunami-like waves, underground earthquakes, tornadoes, or cyclones? Again, I don’t have the answers as my observations on the Day chart for 11 Sept 2016 were based on the elements, and numbers present in the chart, and interpreted on an “as is” basis. I did not factor other essential charts like analysing the country’s chart and the personal day chart to determine the probable tendency signs suggesting what might happen for that country on that day. Anyway, there are extra signs suggesting some kind of break away from traditional norms, a day where we might face extraordinary unconventional, unorthodox, unprecedented, unscientific, or “anything unusual or uncommon” most of the time. Who knows, it might be just a great day where the scientist announced breakthrough in medical science, probably on immunology, ENT, cardiovascular, or urology areas.

confusionIt’s worrying when we looked at the conflicting elements present on the Bazi chart and the EON chart. On the one hand, the Bazi chart show signs of fiery tension and worrisome anxieties. On the other hand, the EON chart show signs of heightened insecurities, sensitivities, social manipulations and probably, cyber activities. It doesn’t matter which chart portrayed the more factual representations of the specific day’s events. What matter most to us is our abilities and willingness to control our emotions and tempers, respect others regardless of race, language or religions, and act rationally and calmly when unplanned incidents happened.

Whatever it is, let’s hope that on the 11th day of September 2016, we will get to enjoy a blessed, peaceful, and joyous day.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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