Directionology – Manifest the Opportunities

With the current turmoil, riots and natural disasters around the world, many people are worried about increasing inflation rates and economic uncertainty. Prices are interdependent and independent. When one commodity goes up, it sets a domino effect on other non-commodity products. When the fighting goes on in the Middle East, we find oil prices go up quickly. Food prices will increase too.

Some people may say the rich can still afford to spend more on luxurious (non-essential) items. And the less privilege ones could not afford basic needs.

Let’s stop to ponder. How did the rich get richer first? Apart from illegal means, many rich people strived hard in the legal (and legitimate) ways to earn their keeps and the lifestyle they want.  These people started poor and became richer through their own persistent effort. They took the opportunities whenever possible. Thankfully, many of these people still remember their starting points, and unreservedly pay back to society through charitable and humanitarian aids.

Our past failures have taught us many things – the resilience to be stronger, the “never-say-die” attitude and the relentless pursuit for a better lifestyle. The little success we get is from the experiences of past failures. And one big success is the result of many small little successes. We should try to forget the troubled times of the past, but learned what it had taught us.

We cannot solely depend on external and spiritual support from others every time as the quality of our own lives mainly depends on us. Eventually, it’s still the food on the dining table that matter most. There is a real need to identify signs of opportunities where we can manifest the positive energies. Hopefully these would allow us to improve our financial, luck and success factors.

Often, we need some hints along the way to guide us. The successful ones usually rely on their own intuitions, gut feelings or spiritual minds, where others rely on theories and experiences of many other successful people.

In the Elements of Numbers (EON), there is a Directionology feature where you can plot the luck, wealth and success directions based on your birth dates. These directions provide general guideline where you can tap on the positive energies in a particular direction. It will help you manifest on the extra energies you need to achieve your goals.

I have included basic instructions to plot the directions for your luck, success and wealth in my first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You can refer to Page 149 for more information. Whatever it is, you need to start working on the right directions to maximise results.

My first book introduces the fundamentals. Don’t worry about other advanced theories. It’s critical you take the first step. You need to work on the basics and then slowly use advanced methods once you have gained the knowledge and experience.

You can easily plot the Directional chart once you have read my book. I have also added the Directional chart in the EON (Android) software that I’ll be releasing soon. The software automates many of the plotting processes within minutes. This provides you with more time to focus on your analysis.

Let’s use a fictitious person John who intends to setup a business and wants to know the ideal direction to make more money. Based on the sample chart, the East and North-West directions are ideal for John to get the money since 6-9=6. More explanation on the Directional chart is available in my book.

The Directional chart provides a guideline on where you can go to get the luck, wealth and success you need. Eventually, it’s still your own effort, mindset and perseverance that decides the quality of success you will get.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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