Emotional Effect on Tony Scott

Being a film director of great movies is not easy but Tony Scott did it in his own creative ways. I’ve watched many of the movies directed by Scott and look forward to watch the TOP GUN sequel with him directing the movie. Sadly, Scott committed suicide on 19 August 2012 by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge according to this article.

From this Wikipedia page, you will know Scott was a perfectionist in his own unique ways, pushing the fear of directing the next movie into a motivational pursuit for him. When I read the paragraph on what Scott mentioned his career in general, it reminded me quickly of the phrase “Feel the Fear. Experience the Success.” in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”

I included this phrase in my book as I felt it was special. For example, every success we’re aiming for is a result of the many little failures we’ve faced previously. It makes us stronger and more experienced. Experiencing continual success can also lead to unwanted emotional fears for some people, like Scott. It’s healthier (and happier) to include Plan B as part of the overall strategy for missions we strive to succeed. Should Plan A fails, we need not worry unnecessary since we can quickly carry out Plan B without much stress, anger, and emotions with haphazard, distracting last-minute unhealthy actions. Then there was another special meaning to the phrase – while we aim for SUCCESS, we must consciously remind ourselves to take care of our health and mental well-being.

Take a look at Scott’s EON chart. There are many sets of number 9 in his chart. Success comes easy, and so are the emotional worries, performance fears and blocks, competitions, and the perfectionist (1-8-9) mindset.

Many of those who’d attended my past EON WORKSHOP sessions would know the number 9 is more than just about business, success, or greed. I’ve also explained in some articles posted earlier too – the number 9 has tendency signs of emotional fears, sensitive, breakdowns, and temperamental mood swings similar to effects of number 4.

If you’re new to the EON method, try to read the past articles on this site that I’ve posted on the effects and influences of multiple 9s and 4s. While these numbers do have their positive vibes, it’s the negative energies you should be wary of.

There are multiple 5s in his PY2012 chart which could imply Scott may be facing challenges and problems not obvious to his loved ones and others. I have included the effects associated to the nine numbers in my book, including the number 5 where it may manifest health conditions related to stomach and intestinal problems. The suicidal thoughts may have surfaced last year (2011) with the multiple 4s present, together with some other patterns that may manifest the negative effects.

At my last two workshop sessions, I’ve introduced the Rhythmic Cycles method to explain how past actions could affect a person’s future, and why we should be cautious when negative events happened in past periodic cycles. In 1993, Scott directed “True Romance” which was later considered a box office failure. It had an emotional impact on him.

A friend who attended my 5th EON WORKSHOP session also shared with the class a special unique pattern suggesting “send-off” tendency signs, after I’ve explained the possible harmful health signs on certain patterns. After the workshop, I began to explore the “how’s” and “whys” of the “send-off” pattern, and the possible reasons how it could have fearsome tendencies if we neglected taking care of our health.  Soon after, I could identify the ‘underlying’ reasons and will explain them to you at the next 6th EON Workshop, tentative scheduled for late September.

Meantime, it doesn’t mean you’ll be receiving the “death note” soon if you happened to have similar birth chart or have the same birthdate as Scott. Just control your anger, stay calm, be rational and positive, and clear your mind off destructive emotions. It’d healthier if you can focus on meaningful pursuits to dilute the negative vibes of number 9 and manifest the positive ones, like taking active role in humanitarian and charitable work. With positive thoughts and actions, regular exercises and balanced diet, you should be OK, alive, happy, and healthy.

Come and attend the next workshop. I’ll share the method to identify other tendency signs that could have influence on Scott’s suicidal mind, including the Rhythmic Cycle. I also promise you’ll learned new insights and analytical techniques on the extended EON methods.

And for Scott… may his soul rest in peace…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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