On Yasmin & Amy

I posted an article “On Yasmin & Jaz”  in early February 2018, and shared some insights on the relationship matters between Yasmin and her friend Jaz. Recently, Yasmin emailed me with another of her friend’s birth date and wrote, “thanks for your previous calculations for me. It turned out to be quite true. As for this birth date that I’ve given you, I would wish to know if they are compatible at all, or if there are any ways that could be improved on.

While Yasmin and Amy were ex-lovers, they remain as friends now.  She wanted to know if they are compatible and what other ways they can behave to improve on their relationship.

There are tendency signs Amy has “selective listening” characteristics, and being younger than Yasmin, she tends to be wilder, playful, inspiring, creative, joyful, and mischievous on the fun side. However, when it comes to the serious side, the tendency signs are suggesting an imposing, enforcing, emotional and mood swinging person.

While Amy could have been born into an above-average or wealthy family, she has the means and the ability to expand her wealth too, especially during her later years. While her relationship with her dad might not be equally good as she with her mom, she needs to get out of the stressful mindset and emotional childhood years. She needs to be aware there is always a reason behind her poor relationship with dad, and try to understand him better (if her dad is still around). At the same time, she might be spoilt by her mom who pampered her more, with money or gifts, especially when she was on the growing up stage. Amy is a critical and emotional individual who often imposes undue stress on herself, and could also pressurised friends and others around her.

Her EFV FLOW is suggesting that from the positive side, she could sometimes treat challenges and stumbling blocks as hurdles to overcome rather than barriers or obstructions. This implies she might portray the positive-thinking individual who looks for opportunities in every dark silver lining sign. From the negative side, she could lean on towards stressing herself unnecessarily. What could be the possible factor then?  Now, when I apply the Unzip Code on her chart, there are tendency signs suggesting a critical or a sharp person who often frequently changed her minds and plans, for the sake of others. As a result, she is putting excessive stress on herself, and this could aggravate the mood swings and emotional tensions. And there might be cases of her showing signs of mental strain, or sudden outburst and fiery tempers.

Let’s look at the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart. The 1-5-6-7-2-9 pattern is present. While friends might deem both as compatible partners, the kind of loving relationship is not what it appears. Rather, it’s more of a different kind of expectations between them. For instance, the tendency signs are suggesting Amy could look upon Yasmin as a ‘stressful’ companion – someone who’s too self-principled and restrictive when together. On the other hand, Yasmin is subconsciously treating Amy as a fun and jovial person, whose quick-witted and resourceful and smart.  If Yasmin wants to maintain a better relationship with Amy, then both must change their attitudes of “Big Sister, Small Sister” mindset.

The tendency signs in their Compatibility Year Chart (PY2018) are suggesting an emotional and frustrating year for them. The 4-9-4-8-4-3 pattern is suggesting frequent disagreement over trivial matters like not agreeing on their life visions (like home, family, money, and career). Regardless of whether it’s a straight relationship (like a man and woman) or a gay/lesbian relationship, both partners must agree on common goals to focus on and how they could achieve them together. Yasmin must not pressurise herself too much, and expect Amy to listen to her every time. Rather, she should give Amy more breathing space to do things she likes, and not controls or restricts her.

The choice is not for Yasmin to decide if she wants to rekindle the relationship with Amy, she can do it. Instead, she should put aside any forethought and talk to Amy in a rational way, to find out the good and bad traits of each other, and discuss how they can adjust and accommodate each other’s wishes. And most importantly, they need to give each other the breathing space, mutual respect, and trust to befriend others as well, and not to invoke any jealousy and tensions unnecessary.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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